Friday, June 12, 2009

Product Review: John's Red Pedal Tool

If you're a listener of the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast, you might be familiar with John Macgowan's cool new device he's created that will make life easier for any club or instructor who works at a facility that has the triple link Schwinn pedals, the red ones that have SPD on one side, and Look clips on the other, and cages that clip into the Look cleat for regular shoes.

We don't have them at my club, but I've traveled to numerous facilities around the country when doing orientations that do have them. The cages are a big pain to take off, often resulting in pinched fingers, bruised knuckles, broken nails and frustrated students. If you have them, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You the instructor probably wouldn't purchase this tool, but your club may be interested. It would be a godsend for instructors and maintenance crews. Check out this short video to see how much easier it is to remove the cages with  this cool tool. Please forward this video to whoever makes these purchase decisions; it just might make your life as an instructor that much easier!

He's making his initial order next week.

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