Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back from WSSC Miami

I'm back from Miami and recovered from my recovering. As the photo shows, everything was kind of a blur!

This was a phenomenal WSSC, in some ways better than last year, and in others almost as good as last year (2008 for me was over the top amazing). So that makes for a pretty awesome conference! I always return energized and empowered from my contact with such fantastic people. Spinning really attracts a beautiful crowd. I mean that in every sense of the word (lots of eye-candy there), but primarily I mean people with beautiful hearts and souls. I've met some of the most compassionate, caring souls whose greatest desire is to empower others to achieve great heights with their fitness. 

My schedule this time around was more difficult than it's ever been. I had several sessions back to back, and I won't let anyone do that to me again when scheduling conferences. Boy is that difficult, cleaning up from one room, talking to people quickly afterwards, changing rooms, hooking up the computer and doing visual and sound checks, changing from wet bike clothes to dry ones, and most difficult, switching my mental focus from one session to the next. But I survived, and it all turned out well.

I also taught an extra session for a presenter who could not make it due to illness. It was something I am very familiar with - the biomechanics of the pedal stroke, but I still had to create my own power point at the last minute. Seven sessions in three days is a lot, especially when so many of mine are so mind-intensive. That's not counting the pre-con by the way, the four-hour Cadence, Profile Design workshop I taught on Thursday. I felt like I existed in a constant state of sleep deprivation (not from partying, mind you)! So if anyone reading this tried to talk to me and I was rushing off somewhere (maybe to take a nap) and couldn't talk, please accept my apologies.

I promised all my participants that I would send out information on the sessions as soon as possible - power points, music list, auxiliary documents, etc. This is my goal this week. Last year it took me about 10 days. After Can Fit Pro in August I lost my email lists (but found them after ECA); and then post ECA I admit that I didn't fulfill my promise to send them out due to personal issues (losing ALL my bike tour clients in February/March - basically losing my job - due to the economy, and other caca than I'm still working out). I still intend to follow up on that promise; better late than never.

So, my biggest goal is to  fulfill these promises by the end of THIS week (WSSC, ECA AND CFP)! I will be posting it all on this blog, so those who did not attend WSSC make sure to check back soon. Those who did attend and know that I have your email address, you will be receiving notice as soon as everything is posted. If you did not give me your email, please contact me now so i can include you on the update. Note: if you were pre-registered for any of my sessions, I have your email address that you gave Spinning. I did receive about 20 returned emails from the ones I sent early last week so if you didn't hear from me, contact me.

Check back soon!

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Carly said...

thanks Jen for all of your energy and hard work at the conference- I attended several of your sessions and was blown away by your motivational abilities!!
One day soon I plan to ride the real Alpe d'Huez with you!!

Keep up all of your inspiring work