Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oooops! Operator Error on my part - fix coming soon!

I promised those who were already set up on my mailing list that you'd automatically get the WSSC links in an email. I'm having my hand held through this process, and I didn't actually learn how to do that yet (I'm learning how to use Aweber to manage email lists), thinking it would be automatic. I already had one glitch when I first set this up late Monday night (so for those who tried to subscribe early on but were unable to, please try again).

Please bear with me. I hope to send it out by tomorrow. This will mean however, that you NEW subscribers from WSSC will probably receive a duplicate. Sorry about that!

Thanks to those who let me know - either through a comment or email. 

If you haven't signed up for my mailing list, do so now in the box at the top left to receive the 10 items listed in the next post from my WSSC sessions. Free!

EDIT Thursday 6/10: Thanks to John Macgowan of ICI Podcast who is helping me out with this, it's all fixed. Anyone who has signed up for my mailing list should have received  the info. If not, email me at


Shannon said...

No'll work out the kinks.

Chuck said...

Thanks for providing this information, you are awesome, but I still haven't received.