Monday, June 8, 2009

I have so much to give you from WSSC!

Whether you went to WSSC or not, I have much to give you! Profiles, music, cueing, resources and more. Some handouts may have already been posted from past conferences, but almost everything is recently updated. In order to receive all of the following documents (all free), please join my SageCycling network by signing up below. After you sign up, you will receive an email asking you to validate your email. This step is important - if you do not receive an email asking for verification, please check your spam folder. (Note: if you are already on my mailing list, you will automatically receive everything, no need to rejoin).

Once you verify your email the following is what you will receive via email. If you only attended one or a few of my sessions - take what you like and discard the rest (although I have a feeling you'll find it all useful):
  1. Music List for all six sessions, including where to find the tracks.
  2. Triple Threat powerpoint handout.
  3. Triple Threat profile for our ride at WSSC, as well as several other interval profiles using the Triple Threat concepts.
  4. Lactate Threshold Field Test powerpoint handout.
  5. Suitcase of Courage - description of stage racing strategy, how to cue attacks, breakaways, leadouts and sprints in a Spinning class, and a verbal description of our Suitcase of Courage profile at WSSC. Includes links to a whole slew of metaphors and colorful comments used by Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen in their Tour de France commentary that you can sprinkle into your classes.
  6. A glossary of bicycling and racing from Bicycling magazine (helpful for anyone putting together a Tour de France program).
  7. The Tour de France powerpoint presentation as a handout (minus some photos to make the file size manageable).
  8. My verbal dialogue used in the Alpe d'Huez ride, One Rider's Journey from Pain to Triumph as he finishes the final mountain stage of the Tour de France
  9. How Big is Your Why. How to find your deepest WHY, and why this is so important in achieving your goals. I give a detailed example of my own personal why behind a recent challenge I put before myself (my little "secret" behind why I did the Giretto). Includes the profile for the Core Movement Medley, our ride which was the perfect metaphor for setting and achieving goals by establishing a compelling WHY. Verbal cueing and coaching is given for each round in the profile.
  10. The powerpoint presentation for It's a Chain Reaction, the biomechanics of the pedal stroke.
Join my network and receive all of the above pdfs. You'll be on the SageCycling mailing list for weekly updates for my blog posts and information about future products that will help you become the best indoor cycling instructor you can be.

On this blog, there are already many resources that can help you. For those who took my Moving Mountains session, I have numerous posts on how you can teach this class at your club, complete with the nine componenets of Flow, and my verbiage and motivational techniques. Click here to find all the posts under the label "Mind-body" and scroll down to the first Moving Mountains post on September 4, 2008. There are 5 posts that you can cut and paste and copy for your own use. Please use this information to create your own MM ride, and let me know when you do! I have received several very inspiring emails from instructors who have taken the leap and taught this most amazing ride at their clubs. In virtually every case, they have been very successful and overwhelmed at the wonderful reception by their students.

One of these instructors, Charles, explained to me how he taught it at his club and his director told him he was "the real deal". Incidentally, this is why I picked Charles to ride with me up on stage for my Moving Mountains session last weekend in Miami. I am always impressed with anyone who will take this very motivational and inspirational material and share it with their own students.

If you took my Tour de France & Alpe d'Huez session, and seek examples of ways to teach various Tour de France stages, simply click on Tour de France under "Labels" on the left side of this blog. You'll find everything from flat stages, to time trials to rolling stages to the major climbs. Make sure to keep checking this July - I'll have more from this year's Tour.

If you're interested in more music suggestions, click on "Music" under labels for tons of music ideas, especially my favorite climbing songs. You will also find here past music lists from other conferences. Some songs remain the same from year to year for the more "iconic" rides such as Moving Mountains and Alpe d'Huez, because though I've tried, I cannot improve on some of the songs that have become so much a part of these profiles. I almost always return to my most favorite songs because of the mood they convey. With other profiles, I try to change the music from year to year, but chances are most attendees have not been to that session in the past. However, I must say, I am always amazed and honored when someone tells me they return to my same session year after year because of the impact it has had on them (usually MM or AdH). They don't seem to mind if the music is the same!

Make sure to join eMusic and get your free downloads by clicking on the icon on the top left of this blog page.

Once again I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you for not only attending my sessions, but for your friendship, your emails of support, and when you share with me how meaningful these rides have been for you. For those of you who frequent my blog who I have yet to meet either at a conference, or in a Spin class somewhere, or perhaps on a bike climbing a mountain in France or Italy...I look forward to our encounter where we can Move Mountains together.

Ride on!


sandy said...

Jennifer thank you for all the work you do on this blog and at your sessions and most of all for laying it all out there for us to use.

Jennifer Sage said...

My pleasure Sandy!

Kala Marie said...

No really, the thanks goes to you!! You are an amazing woman who truly loves the Spinning program and cares about all us "little guys". :)

lamspin said...

Wow, that was a lot of work and info you put in to present your sessions. You always give more than other presenters. I printed some of the info already. Much gratitude!
BTW, you don't have a cold, you just have the symptom of a cold--possitive attitude :>)

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks Le, and those symptoms are going away - I can FEEL it! Aside from the fact that my husband had to sleep in another room last night because I was coughing so much! But it was good for him! ;-) I taught Spinning this morning and it felt so good to sweat again.

Truly, I rarely ever get sick, and for that I am very grateful. It's been well over 3 years since my last cold. A combination of mind-set, taking care of myself (well, most of the time) and very good vitamins!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused! Did you say you were emailing it to everyone? Because I did not recieve an email and I am on the mailing list (I even tried to rejoin, but it wouldn't let me because I was already on the list!) Thanks!

Jennifer Sage said...

you are right to be confused! Check out my most recent post. I'll fix it soon!

Heather said...

I went to a couple of your classes at WSSC. You are fabulous! Thank you for the inspiration and great rides! I have used a lot of your tour rides in my classes. They are loved. I hope I can be more like you some day.
I know you are not going to the tour this year, but you can come to Utah on August 3rd and bike 165 miles with over 11,000 feet of climbing in the R.A.N.A.T.A.D. (ride around timp and Nebo in a day). It starts at Sundance ski resort, near Provo, and finish there after some intense climbing. Just a thought I would throw out to you. I have done the even 2 times and plan on a 3rd this year. The website has the info (you have to click on Summer Mt. Biking and then on races. No pressure, just a great ride.

Any way, Thanks again!


Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks for the kind words Heather.

That ride sounds pretty wild, and quite hard!! Utah in August? Isn't it very hot? I know we do Moab in Sept/Oct or Apr/May but stay away in the summer months due to the heat. But maybe near Provo it isn't as bad as the Moab desert area?

Heather said...

You are right. It is hot here in August- not as hot as Moab (it would be unbearable down there in August). The mountains are a lot cooler of course, but it can be toasty in the valleys. They have several support stops to refill water, food, etc. It is quite a challenge, but doable and so epic. It is very beautiful too. It could be another suitcase of courage:)

Thanks again for all that you share with us on your blog, podcast, conferences!