Wednesday, February 25, 2009

See you next week!

My last day before leaving for NY. Too bad the morning was spent taking care of vehicle issues. 

The rest of today will be spent tweaking my music and profiles and packing. I don't know if I'll have time to check in on the blog to moderate comments until Monday or Tuesday, but please don't hesitate to leave some.

Last night in my evening class I did my Moving Mountains ride to a full class - and even gave up my bike to my husband this time, otherwise he would have had to go home (and I think he needed it more than me - he's a builder and you can imagine stress levels are a bit high in that industry at the moment)!

It went well, except it's very, very hard to squeeze it all into a one hour class. I felt I talked just a little too much. But still, it did me good to practice the verbiage.

I had a visitor in class, Brian from D.C., who I met at WSSC a long time ago who contacted me a few months ago that he and his wife were coming to town to ski. It's always great to be able to have fellow instructors from around the country come take my class - and the invitation is extended to any of you reading this. If you come to Vail, contact me through the blog and I'll let you know where you can join me in class. It helps that I live in a resort destination! I also gave Brian lots of tips on what to do in Vail and where to eat and where to avoid.

This morning in my early class I practiced my Tour de France stage ride called "The Suitcase of Courage". Wow, was that fun! I know for sure you guys will be all over that profile, once I can get it on paper. It was similar to my Tour of California Stage 3 ride I posted last week, but this time I did more than one breakaway group, like you often see in the Tour de France. We had a lead group that attacked early on, chase group 1, chase group 2, and the peleton. Then the peleton stepped on the gas to bear down on the others and engulf them, leading to a sprint finish.

I had the 'suitcase of courage' and the 'pendulum of pain', as well as many other fun metaphors and expressions used by the colorful TDF announcers on Versus TV.

Might be one of the most exciting rides I've done in awhile. Invigorating music makes it even better.

Hope you're salivating now! 

Be sure to check back next week and leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for future posts, what you'd like to learn more about, etc.


lamspin said...

Please don't forget a heart-rate training profile in your plan to share when you get back. Just a reminder :>)
Spin on!

Shannon said...

Have a great trip, your future post should be about how much fun you had! LOL.....

Charles said...

Jen I did Dueling Intervals this morning. Like you it was the first taste of intensity in a while for a lot of us. Wow! That is an awesome profile. I had several people say how much they liked it.

Quick story. I had a girl comment on FB about her and her husband not coming to class lately and that I needed to motivate them to come. She mentioned that life stuff was getting in the way and that they had been really busy lately. I commented back to her and said sometimes life does tend to get in the way, but good fitness makes me feel better about that stuff! They ended up coming and rediscovering the beauty of exercise and how good it makes you feel to get in a good workout. She also said that they had a bad experience with another instructor and nearly lost the love for spin class. She thanked me for encouraging them and said "alas, the love is back". That made my day!