Monday, February 16, 2009

Road riding in Las Vegas and a reason to celebrate!

My husband Jeff and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas, which is not my preference for a destination for any purpose. My brother-in-law got married at Circus Circus wedding chapel on Valentines Day, believe it or not! We only got word about 2-1/2 weeks prior. I have to admit, it wasn't as cheesy as I expected, the preacher was actually pretty good. But the hotel sucks. I guess I'm spoiled - if I go to LV I want it to be the Bellagio!

Our flight was very delayed, and we landed after 2:30 am in Vegas, by the time we got to bed it was well after 3:30 am! Pure hell. On the return, our flight didn't leave until 8 pm Sunday evening which gave us time to get off the strip and do something active. We rented road bikes and rode up to the Red Rocks National Conservation Area outside of the city, a 36 mile beautiful loop. Oh it was so nice to move and be active and to get away from the misery and noise and craziness of the LV strip!

Next time I go to Las Vegas (seems like something takes me there 1-2X a year) I'm doing this again. It was a fantastic ride and it felt so good to actually pedal on the open road. But I have to admit, it was very cold, at least for me - low 50's.  I had on leg warmers, arm warmers, 3 layers plus windbreaker, and I bought some great long-fingered gloves that had an additional wind-stopper removable cover that turned them into lobster-finger mittens. I have to say those mittens saved me - I might even turn into more of a cold-weather cyclist because it's the freezing cold hands that turn me off. Mine get so cold I can't feel the brakes, while everyone else around me is laughing at how cold I get! A very good purchase indeed.

We didn't check the internet while gone (which was nice), and I came back to see that this blog has exceeded 30,000 visitors! Now that's a reason to celebrate! It only hit 20K around Christmas so I am really excited. This blog has really grown a lot in the past month, and I am so grateful for everyone who visits regularly. Continue spreading the love, sharing this with all the instructors you know. The more instructors I can help, the more inspired I am! ;-)

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Ride on!


Lane said...

Mountain biking in the Vegas area was very rewarding for me. I wrote my first blog post about it:

Lane's Bike Blog

It was a life changing experience for me.

I highly recommend any kind of biking when in Vegas. It is a treat.

Did you get your bike from Las Vegas Cyclery? They are a top notch outfit.

Jennifer Sage said...

Next time we might try mountain biking - it looked like it would be like riding in Moab. We got our bikes from McGhies, a huge shop in west Vegas. Coincidentally, I met the owners of this shop at the 2004 Tour de France (one of the Alpes stages) and still had their business card floating around.

They had well-maintained Cannondale road bikes with Shimano 105 components - fine for a one-day ride. They do a mean rental business, because here it was 50 degrees and they were packed in the rental dept - even ran out of several sizes.

Where is Las Vegas Cyclery?

Lane said...

The link isn't working.

Here is the web address:

Las Vegas Cyclery is on Charleston, right on the way out to Red Rock. I really had fun on the guided tour. No worries about forgetting anything, they provided all the gear.

Charles said...

I'm headed to Vegas in March and would love to fit in a ride. I think I'll check this out. Thanks for the info.

Shannon said...

Never been to Las Vegas, sounds like you had fun riding around it.

Google Analytics said I got 8 hits from your blog, thanks Jenn!