Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep it Real appears on cycling podcast!

Exciting news! I had a chance to promote Keep it Real on a cycling podcast, The Fredcast! He posted it this morning and I just got done listening to it. Truth be told, it wasn't my best interview...but it served its purpose (see, we all get overly self-critical at times.)  ;-)

Click here to go the The Fredcast website to listen to the podcast. My interview happens at 29 minutes into it.

Remember, this eBook was targeted originally at cyclists, trying to get them back into the indoor cycling studio. My goal is to teach them how to ride indoors it in a way that was more relevant to their outdoor riding than they might have experienced in many indoor cycling classes.

This entire book concept was borne out of discussions with some hard-core cyclists who swore that they would never go back to a "Spinning" class because of several bad experiences they had with out-of-control instructors doing things that should never be done on a bike. I tried to convince them that it didn't have to be that way!

The Fredcast is a podcast that is targeted to cyclists - people passionate about bikes and bicycling. But I wouldn't call the Fredcast market "elite" cyclists, although there are probably some who race bikes. They simply love to ride their bikes, and like to be around, and listen to, others who love to ride. They need to learn that an indoor cycling class can be an effective and fun way to improve their cycling abilities.

My goal is to bring more cyclists into YOUR classes and MY classes with this book! There is no reason our classes shouldn't be full of cyclists who can't bear to ride in the snow and icy cold, or who can't take another day on their trainer at home (boring). Or even those who live in metropolitan areas or even warmer climates whose schedules only allow weekend outdoor rides on their bikes. They should be begging to ride in our indoor cycling classes; the lines should be out the door. 

But they're not.

You can help me change that! I want to bring them to you, the instructor, the club by promoting my ebook to the cycling market. But we, you, the instructors, need to show them that it is possible to truly improve their cycling performance, their endurance, their climbing abilities, their technique in an indoor cycling class.

I need your help. 

Keep it Real contains everything you need to know to keep your classes relevant to cycling, while at the same time improve the performance and fitness of your non-cycling members. I received this comment a few days ago:

Jennifer, this eBook is the bible of cycling in my opinion. I wish everyone at my club would read this book, it would make their classes much more interesting and SAFE. Thank you, thank you! Lots of GREAT info.
Robert from DC
I've posted a sample of the eBook for you to download for free. Download it and read the intro, the extensive table of contents, and the first chapter.

And if that tweaks your interest a little more, 

click here to purchase the book

or go here to find out a little more about it.

Or share this link with other instructors you know who can benefit from this information (all instructors, in my book!) or cyclists you might know who are hesitant to attend indoor classes.

Together we can bring them into our classes in droves!

If you have an idea of how I can reach more of the cycling market, please let me know! Do you have connections with your local paper, a cycling club or outdoor or indoor cycling events?  I have a generous affiliate program if you think you can encourage several instructors or cyclists to purchase the book. It's very simple.  Email me for information: jennifer@vivatravels.com.

One last piece of great news - the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be marketing the ebook to all their riders participating in Team in Training rides, so their commission will go to support that great organization! I'm working on several other large cycling events (so if you have any connections, that would be most excellent). How happy that would make me to be able to contribute part of each sale to organizations such as Livestrong, the MS150, Diabetes, the AIDS ride, and help all these causes.

Isn't it great that cycling makes this possible?

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Charles said...

I can't wait to read your book Jen. I posted a link on IC for a huge ride here in Tennessee. I would love to help in any way to promote your book to "spread the word". I deal with the whole popular and hard teacher perception at my gym but stay true to my convictions. The Spinning program has helped me become soo much better outdoors and I try my best to create classes sanf coach my students with that end. I've never posted a profile on PO or IC. Not sure why. I guess because there are so many "good ones" on there I just didn't see the need. But, I just started posting my rides on my blog so if you get a second, check it out. The ride there now is the ride that's coming up May 2 here in Chattanooga. The ride I told you about on the IC forum. THanks for all the great info!