Thursday, October 9, 2008

Turn-the-economic-woes-around Strength profile

I'm interrupting my planned post on communication and cueing (check Saturday morning for the next chapter on that one) because of what has happened today.  The Dow fell to below 900 for the first time in 5 years, over 7% in one day (and most of that in the last hour of trading) which is about 39% below where it was one year ago today.  I hear non-stop worry around me, the energy almost everywhere is one of gloom and doom. Don't listen to all this! This stock market "crash" is only bad if you start taking your money out. It WILL get better! The banks won't fail, federal reserves around the world are taking action. STOP watching TV, and transform your thoughts into ones that are positive, forward thinking and that point you in the direction you want to go, not where everyone else is going. The ones who worry the most, are the ones who will suffer the most. That is guaranteed.

A thread on Innercycling got me thinking about my class tomorrow. Sandy said she was going to put a playlist together for her class tomorrow with the general theme of let's ride this one out...for her anti-economic failure/crashing stock market/high unemployment/house foreclosure/no credit class. You can read on that thread what my response was (similar to my first paragraph above).

I also teach tomorrow morning, and Sandy's post inspired me to put together a special playlist and profile.  I call it my "Turn-the-economic-woes-around" class.  You can download it here, with the playlist, and an explanation of why I chose the songs I did.

EDIT. Friday after my ride...
They seemed to get a kick out of it this morning, and it was a great workout! The smiles came when the song Money started. I have never used that song in a Spin class, and it worked great for a climb.  When I returned to the theme of my ride here and there in the class, I didn't belabor the point, but just highlighted the lyrics that were chosen to provide inspiration to look for the positive in all of this chaos! I think everyone really appreciated it.

Just to let you know, you can get the following songs from this playlist on eMusic (for free if you are not yet a member - just click the icon on the top left of this blog):
  • Seven Mary Three - I love the lyrics "Hey, everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright, and if it's too hard to say it now, say it anyhow."
  • Collective Soul
  • Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise [IMO EVERYONE needs this song, regardless of which genres you primarily use. Of all my 9,000+ songs on my iPod, it's the one that I play when I want to feel better. Such great energy, such optimism, such a great rhythm!]
  • Indart, Chus & Ceballos - Buenos Momentos. eMusic has an EP by these guys with three versions of this great song. It's the perfect rhythm for jumps on a hill!
You'll also see a recommendation to get the song Free Your Mind from iTunes. It's only $.99 - go get it and listen to the words!


Shannon said...

Just thanks for this.......

lamspin said...

Hi Jennifer,
You remind me of a good friend who is very possitive just like you. She can always find at least one positive note in every desperated situation. I love to "hang around" with people like you two.
Thank you for the profile, will get on it. My riders have been enjoying many great rides since I met you. Your positive energy is radiating through out the universe!
Ohm Shanti

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments! I love to hang around positive people too - I only wish there were more of them! Hoping to influence them somehow...
glad you are enjoying the profiles - I'm working on some new fun ones!

John said...

On my way to teach Saturday I thought of all the Whos down in Who-ville. The Grinch had taken all their presents & possessions and yet they were still happy. I related this to the class and they, along with me, recognized that regardless of our financial wealth our true priority needs to be our health!