Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I finally saw Run Lola Run!

Isn't Netflix fun? Finally saw Run Lola Run last night and I loved it! I knew the premise of the movie and I knew I really liked the music, but for some reason, had never had a chance to see it. My husband had seen it years ago and reluctantly ordered it; he's the orderer of the Netflix flicks and just takes my suggestions, but rarely likes to see movies again.

But he enjoyed it this time around.  I loved the cinematography as well. Very clever filming, very clever movie.

I LOVE the soundtrack and it made me want to do my Run Lola Run profile yet again! Fortunately I can do it in a new evening class I just picked up at my old club - maybe I'll do that next week.  But I have to give it a rest at my regular morning class for awhile. I don't like repeating profiles or music more than once per 3-4 months, especially when I know that the class size changes from one season to another around here, so I'll have some new and different people in my audience. 

Here's a question for my readers: how often do you repeat profiles/playlists?


Robert said...

You've only just seen it ???? Mind you, I've never seen Titanic - one of only a handful in world, apparently!

I never repeat most profiles, so end up with 40-50 different ones a year (each time slot gets a go at each profile, I don't change it for every single class!). Sometimes I'll repeat good ones, e.g., the Trailblazer one you posted here, for a different purpose - in January it's Endurance, in September it's Strength!

Shannon said...

I haven't seen it either, as a matter of fact I haven't sat and watched a movie in months. Sad....

I rotate my profiles about every 3-4 months, and that's if I'm diggin' the music. If I see a profile that's been rotated and it's time to run it again, if I don't want to hear that music again, I'll rotate it for another 3-4 months. Last night for instance I ran a profile I hadn't done since last May.