Friday, October 24, 2008

Gone to San Diego and the Tour de Cove!

My plane leaves in a few hours for sunny San Diego. Although weather forecasts predict another sunny weekend of temps in the 60's here, we had 4" of snow on Wednesday and 28 degree temperatures, so I am really looking forward to the 75-80 degrees forecast for San Diego, and even plan on relaxing on the beach tomorrow as I mentally prepare for the Tour de Cove and listen to my iPod with my music for my session. I'm so excited about the music I've chosen. It's a mix of what I've used in a lot of my WSSC and Can Fit Pro sessions, and you've probably already downloaded my music playlists, but I'll share this with you next week as well, as well as the profile and coaching and cueing I use for my 90-minute session (out of the 4.5 hours of riding).

You've read all about this amazing event, you've listened to the interview with Johnny G on the indoor cycle instructor podcast, and some of you have even sponsored me, for which I am truly grateful!

I was hoping to raise more money. I know times are tough right now for everyone, but the Law of Attraction, which I really believe in, states clearly that the more you give, the more you get in return. The universe works like that - it recognizes generosity and repays it back in spades. Ever notice this? I sure have, it's amazing how it works.

Instead of 10 people giving me $50 to make my goal of $500, I thought maybe I could get 50 people donating $10. Yes, a small donation of only $10-$20 can really help. It's like voting - everyone's vote counts! This is such an amazing organization that helps disabled individuals regain their self-esteem by helping them get back into a fit and active lifestyle. Imagine if you lost a limb or became paralyzed - imagine how daunting those obstacles would be. Well, the CAF removes those obstacles and helps them get off the sidelines and into the game.

How about you? Are you sitting on the sidelines of life? Or are you In The Game?

Now, more than ever, in these uncertain times, is not the time to sit around and wait for things to happen. This is the time to make things happen!


Shannon said...

Have fun, and no worries, your a pro!

Can't wait to hear and see all that went on.

Amy Pillitteri said...

Hi Jennifer,

Amy here from mid coast Maine. Good luck to you. I hope you reach your goal and have a great time at the Tour de Cove. It sounds like an incredible cause. I felt compelled to help you reach your goal, as you have certainly helped me out over the last three years that I have been teaching spin. Just by reading your blogs and posts on Pedal-on, I have gained an incredible wealth of knowledge. You have a definite talent for teaching and writing. It would be my greatest honor to meet & ride with you someday. Till then, keep up the good work.

P.S. I think everyone who reads this blog should give a little something to help you out. After all, you only get what you give...

Keep riding & writing,
Amy Pillitteri
Star 2 Spinning Instructor
Pen Bay YMCA , Rockport Maine

Kloba said...

Glad that I could help you out in a small way after all you've taught me.
Hope you had fun and can't wait to hear about your ride!

Jennifer Sage said...

Amy, thanks for the kind words! It would be an honor for me to ride with you some day too!

Thank you everyone who has contributed and sponsored me. And even if you cannot, I understand, you probably would if you could, and I appreciate your good thoughts and vibrations.

It was a phenomenal event, more inspiring than I even imagined!