Friday, July 3, 2009

The Tour de France 2009 at the Homestead Court Club, Edwards, Colorado

The Tour de France begins tomorrow morning!

I have just put together the schedule for my club, the Homestead Court Club. We have four 6 am classes per week that will be participating in the Tour de France program. Todd teaches Monday, Amber on Tuesday and I teach Wednesday and Friday. I've created the weekly schedule, selecting 12 stages. My goal was to offer a variety of types of stages, while also giving each instructor variety, and at least one big mountain stage. (Those are my own personal favorite!)

I want to give you, my readers, the flyers that I've created. They are in a word document so that if you want, you can modify them to meet your needs - or you can just use them as ideas to create your own. I have tried to keep them very simple.

This is the flyer that we are posting around the club announcing our Tour de France program. Last year we did a contest with prizes, but that's not in the budget this year, so it's very simple.

This is the schedule of stages, which will be posted in the Spin room.

Then for each stage, I'll have a separate flyer posted on the Spin room (and sent to the instructor in advance by email). Those I'll give you in the next few days. The first stage we'll do will be on Monday. I've chosen stage 2, from Monaco to Brignoles. Below is the profile, taken from It will be up to Todd, the instructor, to put together his own profile to fit this course.

Amber will do the Team Time Trial on Tuesday morning (a very fun stage to simulate), and my first one will be on Wednesday, which will be a fairly flat stage with a definite sprint finish.

More coming soon! Allez, Allez!


claudia said...

Time trial started today @930am @TYC 4me....they were so wired!!! it was fun!!! I have promised 4 stages(for my saturday crowd class during the month of July)I will finish with Race Day July 25..thanks for your ideas Jen!!! I'll let you know how my 2nd stage goes!!! have fun Monday @6am...GOD THATS EARLY!!!!ALLEZ ALLEZ!!!

SpinSmart said...

My first TDF ride! Mapped out Stage 10 for yesterday's class and will do it again this evening at another facility. Three light to medium climbs in first 13 min and then 28 min of flat road with a couple breakaways and surges. Got a lot of compliments but could tell a few really hated it - afterall, this was mostly a ride to be done in the sadle and we always have those who think they must stand up (sigh).