Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugar addicts

I want to pass on an astounding fact. This was posted by Joe Friel on Twitter a few days ago.

We all know that there has been a huge increase over the decades in the consumption of sugar in developed western countries, and it's fast shifting to undeveloped countries too.

But did you know that it was this bad?

  • In 1900, the average American ate 30lbs of sugar and sweeteners (I'm assuming that's in one year)
  • In 1967 that was 114 lbs.
  • In 2003, 142 lbs.
  • A linear increase would be 150 lbs by 2020!

Most of the increase is soda.

Put down that coke can America! No wonder we have an epidemic of obesity!

If only we could get them all into our indoor cycling classes....


Anonymous said...

I admit I take a coke before class sometime (always during century or long ride) that is not a good exemple to my riders but after I sahow them my V8.
Sorry I know it is a bad abit.

Jennifer Sage said...


I think we could forgive a fit IC instructor or cyclist, as long as it's only occasionally! I rarely EVER drink coke, or any soda, but I admit, when I am on a long bike ride on a hot day, I actually crave one. When I'm in Europe riding, like on one of my bike tours, and it's really hot, I go for an Orangina (which is only marginally better - it has plenty of sugar - but psychologically I feel like its better for me)! Our bodies need that shot of glucose on a long ride.

Mind you, I think diet coke is almost worse in my mind, simply because of the number of chemicals that shouldn't be ingested by our bodies. It's not wonder there's so much cancer.

lamspin said...

MORDERATION s/b the key in our eating habit.
I rarely drink pop but when I do seldomly, ginger ale is my only choice. Have a craving for rootbeer every 10 yrs or so (childhood drink).
Yes, Orangina is my German DH's choice so I can share it sometimes.

Pokey said...

I love and adore diet coke, chemicals and all, I feel I need all the preservatives I can get in me....

Jennifer Sage said...

I think our bodies are too wonderful to poison like that...
These chemicals don't preserve your body,
it shortens its life.
For me, I'll take the sugar over the diet drink chemicals,I'll take pure butter over hydrogenated margarine or fake yellow spreads, give me cream over fake creamers for coffee.

t said...

In 1950 average soft drink consumption was 11 gallons per person. In 2003 consumption had risen to 46 gallons per person. If you have to have a Coke, try to find the variety that actually has sugar and not the high fructose corn syrup. This variety is made in Mexico. Not a big Coke drinker here, but you can really tell the difference.

Jennifer Sage said...

Interesting T. Yeah, that high fructose corn syrup is the poison of our generation. It's amazing what they put it in! things you would never imagine. I always read labels...