Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Coming to Can Fit Pro!!

Just a quick update, I'll fill you in with more information soon, but I just found out today that I'm coming to Can Fit Pro in Toronto in 3 weeks! I'll be doing Meg McNeeley's sessions, which is awesome because she's a cyclist and her sessions are very cycling oriented, so it's right up my alley and I won't have to prep that much!!

Meg, bless her heart, needs to put all her energy into healing from some physical issues, so she asked me to come in her place.

Yeah! I loved doing Can Fit Pro last year. If you are going, or thinking of going, please let me know. I look forward to seeing you all there.

More soon!

P.S. I'm going through Tour de France withdrawals....
Tomorrow morning is my first post-TDF class for my morning regulars (I taught one tonight but I only had 2 newbies and one other student, and it was all about proper form and intensity management). I'm planning on doing a very simple endurance ride with some rolling hills. Very little structure except to Just Ride the Bike! ;-)


lamspin said...

Darn! I didn't register this year and the early bird price had expired. I usually go every two years.
Would you like to have a camera/video girl to tape your sessions (you will own the pictures rights), or an assistant to carry your shoes ;>) so I can get in for free? This is just an idea. Otherwise, I just have to drive to TO to say Hello (1 1/2hrs from where I live--Kitchener)
I read all your twitter side notes on your blog so I asked Nikki to twit you. I am not good at this task.
Will wait for your info. I think Nikki is coming to CFP.
Welcome to Canada again,

Anonymous said...

If you go to Montreal or Quebec (next winter) I could do it but Toronto no sorry

Karen said...

Please send Meg my best wishes. Her classes and personality were sorely missed at WSSC this year.


Jennifer Sage said...


I will. Thanks for that, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Yes, we all missed her at WSSC!

Désolée que tu ne peux pas venir a Toronto, Pascale - je souhaite que je puisse venir a Montréal; j'aimerais l'occasion d'enseigner des classes de Spinning en Francais! D'ailleurs, j'aime bien Montréal!


Kara_4291 said...

I just turned down CanFitPro :( aw, i regret that decision now!