Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patty's Day Spinning Profile

I call this rolling hills ride The Hills and Dales of Ireland.

I found some good music ideas on Pedal-On, and I also asked the "Twitterati" (the Twitter universe) for some ideas and got some great music suggestions as well.

It's a series of 6 rolling hills; some mild, some steep, with fast down-hills and short vales in between. 
Picture pastures as green as can be, lined with short stone fences,

dotted with sheep, even along the road,

a bit foggy and rainy at times.

You'll roll through a small village here and there and hear bagpipe music wafting out of the pubs.

Hope this playlist doesn't make you feel like drinking green beer!


Carly said...

hey jennifer! I'm going to try this out tomorrow morning (a little late for st patty's day but oh well!)
for next year- Great Big Sea has some great celtic inspired music!

Jennifer Sage said...

Hi Carly,
I also teach tomorrow, March 18, the day AFTER St Pats and I'm doing the same ride! That way they can celebrate after the fact! (And I don't need to create a new profile and playlist - it's a different club).

Tonight went awesome for this ride. Everyone loved the music, and it was a tougher ride than I anticipated. Although we're still base building, supposedly, I think it was hard to stay below threshold!

Oh well, it won't kill them...