Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My ECA profiles

If anyone from ECA is reading this, I am behind in sending out my promised emails. I sent out the Tour de France information (both Alpe d'Huez and Suitcase of Courage) last night, but the others are coming soon, I promise!

If anyone from Can Fit Pro is reading this - Hallelujah! I was embarrassed to mention on this blog that I misplaced my email list. But I found them while preparing my sessions for ECA. In fact, I didn't lose them; I "hid" them from myself! They were in my Alpe d'Huez file, which is pretty thick with all those prints and newspaper clippings I post on the wall, so that was one file I didn't look in when searching for the "lost" email forms.

I am diligently working on sending this information out. 

Didn't go to ECA or Can Fit Pro? Most of the information is to be found on my blog from my WSSC session posts from last year, but if you would like to be included in the mailing - email me ASAP and I'll include you.

ECA Music list can be downloaded here. It includes my playlists for all 6 sessions.


lamspin said...

Hi Jenn,
It's funny you mentioned about your "lost" CFP conference's e-mail forms. That explains why we still haven't received any of your e-mails:>) Well, no need for that now (to us).
That weekend, Nikkijade and I didn't have the patient to wait for your respond when you go back home from the conference. Eventhough, we filled out every e-mail form after each of your sessions so you wouldn't miss us . She was smarter than I am: after an awesome session with you, she googled "J.S." and left you a comment right away; and I was so happy to get the info from her. The rest was history. We are following your "guiding light" since.
I am so glad that I attended the 2008's CFP conference especially now I know that you won't be back this year.
Do you know that I totally missed your sessions in 2006? I chose J.Klau's instead plus a lot of yoga sessions in that year (more into mental strength rides). I kicked myself for taking another 2years to know you!!!! (I am still talking about this choice) I do like J.Klau though. We had contact for a while until she was busy with her study that I stopped bugging her :>)
BTW, she posted all her sessions' music on iTunes for us to purchase. Would you do that? Because some of your songs I can't find anyway even on iTunes so I just have to subtitute with some of my own. However, I couldn't buy some of her songs either because I can only buy what are available on iTunes Canada only, even I saw them on iTunes USA (this might be the same reason for your songs too???.)
Oh! it's too long for this comment. Better leave for now.

Jennifer Sage said...

I knew you would respond Le! I was embarrassed that I lost them. Actually, i KNEW I had them somewhere, they HAD to be somewhere! But I searched and searched! So I'll put those together next week - still working on ECA!

So glad you and Nikkijade found me and didn't wait for me to email you!

I miss Jennifer Klau already at WSSC! She's one smart lady!

I look into the iTunes thing. Too busy to add that to my list of stuff for the moment, but I'm also working on listing all the tunes that I love that are available on EMusic (way cheaper than iTunes). Will be posting that soon.