Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Selling my Orbea Onix bicycle - spread the word!

Don't worry, it's not my new bike I bought last fall, but I have a great road bike that I have put on Craig's List. Then I thought, hmmm, I get enough people through Spinning who ask me about what kind of bike to buy, that I thought that maybe one of you guys, or someone you know, might be in the market for a new (used) bike. 

Plus, I'm always an advocate for inspiring indoor instructors to become outdoor riders, to share in the wonderful joys of cycling. To ride a quality road bike makes a huge difference than settling for a lesser bike with lesser components, even if it's new. It can make the difference between falling in love with cycling and just tolerating it.

Have I got a sweet deal for you!

It's an Orbea Onix, 54cm carbon road bike, Ultegra components, Full Speed Ahead wheels and crank, Race Lite stem. It has very few miles on it! Gears are 52/39, 23/12. (If I kept it I was going to put some lower gears on it, but I live where there's lots of steep climbs).
The guy I bought it from last summer had bought it in 2005 and realized it was too small for him, so it hung in his garage unused for 2 years! It has about 1,000 miles (which is very low for a used bike, so it's almost like getting a new one, which would cost $3,500+). This guy had a stable full of bikes so it was nothing for him to just let it sit there. I came out to California to visit a friend, who borrowed it from him for me to use, and I fell in love! 
What a sweet ride; it's very lightweight, very responsive, and the most comfortable handlebars I've ever ridden on! Your hands just melt with the flat-surface grip.

Why am I selling it? Well, if you click on that link above about my new bike, you'll see I drove my old bike into my garage and had the opportunity to get a brand spanking new Orbea Diva with full Dura Ace for practically nothing, thanks to insurance. So I no longer needed this one!

Orbea bikes tend to have a longer top tube, so I would go to a shop and see if a 54 Onix fits. I am 5'7", and if I could have shortened the top tube a tiny bit I might have preferred it. But I also have a shorter trunk relative to my legs. 

If you know anyone interested in a great bike, please contact me at


Carly said...

sweet ride jennifer!!
too bad I ride a 51"...
that is a great price- i'm sure you won't have trouble selling it!

Anonymous said...

This is a great bike, I'm hunting for one for my husband who is 6'2", so this won't work for him. I am 5'9" and my Orbea is 54cm, it fits me like a glove, so I'd say this would fit most people who are 5'7" to 5'10". I don't think I'll ever buy a non-Orbea bike again.