Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Going' to Jamaica Mon" Spinning playlist and profile

I'm going to Jamaica for Spinning!

I leave very early Thursday morning, so to celebrate, my early class tomorrow will get a taste of Reggae music for our profile. Hey, they have to suffer through two subs while I'm gone, so I might as well let them in on a little bit of the fun! Actually I'm kidding, both subs are great! I feel fortunate to have such great options for subs. :-)

I'll be doing an orientation in Montego Bay on Friday at Good Fit club, and possibly a continuing ed on Saturday (still waiting to see if we have enough people). Sunday, Good Fit is hosting a fundraiser for local schools, an all day Spinathon overlooking the beach. I'll be donating a few hours of my time leading a few hours of that, and I promise I'll post some pictures.

And then it's hit the beach! I really need this time to relax. To be honest, it's been a little tough in the travel industry lately, as well as in my husband's business - construction. That's one reason I'm not posting as much as I've promised - and also the real reason why I posted that quote the other day - to remind MYSELF to stay positive! 

But I also need time to train (I still haven't told you about my upcoming epic ride - it's coming SOON, don't worry I'll let you in on it!), so while in Jamaica, I'll go in to the club to ride a few hours on Monday as well. 

I fly back on Tuesday.

Very coincidentally, John Macgowan, the host of the Indoor Cycle Instructor podcast, and his wife Amy and two girls will be at Montego Bay for vacation starting on Sunday. Amy and John trade out teaching and training for a vacation, but it's a total coincidence that we will be there at the same time. I'll fill you in more about what we're planning on doing, but expect a great ICI joint podcast from Jamaica coming soon! (Dontcha just LOVE when fun coincidences like this happen? The world is soooo small at times.)

Please enjoy this GREAT playlist that I put together for tomorrow's class. A lot of reggae music is great to listen to but too slow for most Spin classes (I've found). So I've been collecting some faster reggae, or reggae-inspired music for quite awhile to create this playlist. I've gotten ideas from Pedal-On as well as on Twitter. Here is what I've come up with and I am excited to play it for tomorrow's class - trust me, this is really FUN reggae music. It's not the most inspired profile, just a variety of flats and hills, but I think the music will take center stage. Let me know what you think.

Don't Wake up the Policeman (feat Peter Tosh & Friends) - Junkie XL 4:53

Flat road, varied cadence
Hope, Shaggy  4:04 
gradually raise intensity to 70%. Extended warm-up.
Too Nice to Talk To, The English Beat 3:08
standing flat in 30-sec increments, alt with seated flat. HR to 75+%
Afro-Left, Leftfield 7:33
Raise the pace, seated flat with cadence surges to 100 rpm. HR to 80+%

First Hill
Backwards Never, Beat Pharmacy 7:56
Seated climb for 4 minutes, resistance loading each minute
Stand for min 5 and 7, seated for min 6

Seated flat
Get Busy, Sean Paul 3:30

Second Hill
Renegade Soundwave, Leftfield 5:44
Seated climb for 2 min, then Jumps on a hill

Seated Flat
Dances of Resistance, Babylon circus 3:53

Third Hill
En Jamaica, Pierpoljak 3:49
Inspection Check One, Leftfield 6:30
first song, seated climb
second song, switchbacks, stand every minute for 30 sec

Cool Down/Stretch
Love is My Religion, Ziggy Marley 3:44
Jamming, Bob Marley 3:31

Enjoy, and I promise I'll be posting my upcoming epic event SOON!

And follow me on Twitter - I'm on there a lot (and I was amongst the FIRST to hear about Lance's crash when he broke his collarbone in a race in Spain yesterday - truly, moments after it happened - by following Twitter feeds. 

Slowly, more and more Spinning tweeters are coming to the fore. Find me at @vivavelo!

See you on the beach!


Shannon said...

I'm sorry for forgetting the track. I'll still send it and you can use it with something else. I used it for a "dance" themed ride.

Have fun, this is one reason I would love to MI with Spinning one day. Have a safe trip.

BTW, I love the ride, I may be scooping this one up.

lamspin said...

A video clip would be better so we can watch you in action ;-)
Here is another quote I like:
"Any day I'm vertical
is a good day"
...that's what I always say.
If you ask me,
"How are you?"
I'll answer, "GREAT!"
because in saying so,
I make it so."
~BJ Gallagher

Jennifer Sage said...

Yes, this should be fun. But this is my 12th year as an MI, and this is the FIRST time they've sent me anywhere international like this (except for a few trips to Canada). So I wouldn't get too excited over the possibility of travel as an MI - when I was working a lot for Spinning, it was usually more like Lincoln, NE, Albuquerque, NM or Enid, OK that I was traveling to!

My class went great this morning - the music was very fun!

Stega said...

Hi jennifer, why don't you add rpm value in your profiles?
I think u modify bpm value of some track to fit better the work u wanna do.


Sonia said...

i have only just found this site and finding it informative! Question? With spin classes what range bpm do you suggest? 50-120? Where do you rate an average climb at? Some of the music i also find hard to get hold of. Any suggestions?

Craig said...

Enjoy Jamaica, Jen. I have been traveling once a year to Montego Bay for several years to volunteer at a deaf school. There are two Jamaica's. The one next to the beach and the one away from the tourist area. If you have the opportunity to visit the countryside, you will have a different and valuable experience.

Evette said...

Have a fantastic trip! I did a trade out in Oct. of 1999. My husband and I stayed at one of the Sandals properties in Negril. It was the best trip ever! I was asked to stay on as they didn't have any instructors for the month of Nov. My husband said "No way, you need to get back home and help me pack." (We were moving to Las Vegas)
Also, I just taught the St. Patty's ride today. It was awesome! Thank you! It's a long story...I owe you one...If you're ever in Vegas, let me know!