Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exciting news coming, and help me with a new Blog name!

I'm moving this blog! And I need a new name, can you help me?

Funhog was a nickname I carried with me when I moved to Vail 16 years ago. For me, it has always represented doing what is important to me even when faced with personal challenges. I explained the meaning of Funhog back when I first launched this blog back in 2008.

However, a lot has transpired since then. Funhogspins started out as a fun hobby, a place where I could practice my passion of helping indoor cycling instructors beyond the limited means I had as a Master Instructor for the Spinning program. As it turned out, it also served as a means where I could pretend I was a writer (an early dream of mine in college - and in 2007/2008 blogs were a relatively new way to live out those dreams). It allowed me to reach out to a global audience, and I soon came to realize that there are instructors all over the world who are lacking good coaching and teaching advice for creating and leading indoor cycling classes. Funhogspins readership began to grow and soon become widely known and quite popular in the Indoor Cycling realm (in fact it became the #1 indoor cycling blog on the net according to Google). That was an unexpected and fun honor!

I realized I should change the name so I wasn't using the word "spins", not wanting to violate any kind of trademark issues with Spinning®. However, about that same time, summer of 2009, I had a unique opportunity to help launch an educational indoor cycling website. To do this, I had to leave the Spinning® program and I had to abandon this blog. I didn't think again about the name again, until this past month.

Fast Forward 18 months and after an unexpected departure (though it was my choice) from ICI, I found myself back here, unsure about what direction I was going next.

But as Dolly Parton said, "If you don't like the road you're walking on, start paving a new one." So I'm taking that woman's wise advice and doing just that. But first, I need to revamp this blog, starting with a new name. Can you help me come up with some ideas?

I was thinking of something along the following theme (grateful to my husband for giving me this fun last name to play with!):
Sage Advice
Sage Cycling Advice

or something along those lines, but it doesn't have to have my name in it.

I want to convey that I will be giving advice to the indoor cycling community, but the blog will be moving to another platform - one in which it will be apparent that it is for indoor cycling instructors, so I'm not sure that is needed in the title. Obviously, I cannot use the term "Spinning®" or any version of it.

So, any ideas? Fire them at me, something short and to the point. Even if I don't end up using exactly what you suggest, it might inspire an idea I haven't yet thought of.

Mid-week next week I will have an exciting announcement for you....so make sure to come back soon.

I'm off to Scottsdale, Arizona to the Fitfest conference this weekend to present. If you are in Arizona and we had communicated about meeting up there for dinner or drinks, make sure to email me (I've been a little pre-occupied). jennifer@vivatravels.com


Matteobma said...

Here some ideas about the name:

Get One Wheel
Gear Revolution

Ciao Matteo :-)

Like2Bike said...

How about, Age_of_Sage

Like2Bike said...

How about "The Age of Sage"

Shirin said...

I love your last name, so......
How about simply:
"the Sage Page"...
or how about "Sage Advice" (playing on the meaning of your last name O'wise one)!

Jennifer Sage said...

Nice ones!
Yes Shirin, I'd love to capitalize on this name I married into!

Here's another idea, but be honest - does "Advice from a Cycling Sage" sound a bit too much? Or does the fact that it's my name soften it?

Le said...

"Indoor Cycling Resources from Sage"?
Your need something about " indoor cycling" for people who don't know you yet can find your website faster.

Sharon said...

I really like The Sage Page, but not sure if. Maybe you should have the word cycling somewhere in the name.
What about "The cycling Sage Page"

Sharon said...

I love "The Sage Page" but I was thinking maybe you need the word cycling in there, what about "The Cycling Sage Page"

Sharon said...

I love "The Sage Page" but I was thinking maybe you need the word cycling in there, what about "The Cycling Sage Page"

renee said...

some other takes:

Sage Cycle Page
Sage & Cycling
Cycling with Sage

best wishes look forward to the decision and more to come.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of using your last name simply because the definition of the word 'Sage' sums up the info/knowledge you provide us

1. Having or exhibiting wisdom and calm judgment.
2. Proceeding from or marked by wisdom and calm judgment

I think the other choice harks back to your book, 'Keep It Real' because that is what your advise is all about, or maybe 'Keep Indoor Cycling Real'

Jennifer Sage said...

Thank you Keifer! I might just put those definitions on the blog "About" page!

joesal said...

how about:



WikiCycle.com or WikiCycling.com


WikiICMaster or WikiICGuide





Hope you find a business model that is both profitable for you and educational. I'm tired of just getting fed commercials if I don't subscribe to other sites. I'm not an instructor, just someone who cycles as part of a workout regimen.

Moritz Gyssler said...

I like Sharon's idea: if it is merely about indoor cycling, then how about "Sage Indoor Cycling" ?


Kala said...

Hm... It'd be nice if the name incorporated indoor cycling like others have mentioned, but in the need for speed that this generation has I think that "indoor cycling" sounds long and it doesn't really roll of the tongue...

I'd be tempted to just go with something short and sweet, forgo the indoor cycling bit and just make sure you have your search critera set to bring you up when people type in indoor cycling...

Although... if you could find a word that had an IC in it... that could be fun... Just for idea sake...say you used the word "picture" -- Sage pICture -- you could emphasize the IC in the word ;) it could even be a word that has an "i" and "c" seperately... like "instruction" -- Sage InstruCtion.

Or something completely random like -- The Sage Approach!

Oh, what fun! ;)

Jennifer Sage said...

The ideas here are awesome! Thanks Kala for your input - those are some good thoughts.
I think I'll come up with two or three and do a vote!

julieannef said...

When I started reading this entry my first thought was Jennifer's Sage Advice. And then I saw where your husband suggested Sage Advice...great minds?
I agree, use Sage.
I also like Cycling with Sage. Not only is it a play on your last name, but given the definitions provided by Keifer, it inspires us to ride as you ride, with Sage. Or maybe Riding with Sage.

trainDANEgerously said...

Perhaps a word that included SAGE do that it includes your vision and name in one: doSAGE, pasSAGEway, pasSAGE, overdoSAGE, USAGE. Just random thoughts. I'm sure you'll pick one that suits you as I have trainDANEgerously or Hard Boyled.

Looking forward to your next venture.

Local Blogger said...


maureen.kelly said...

Jen: I want to say that you are more to me than advice and more to me than a blog post or a profile. You have an dynamic and dedicated following of indoor cycling instructors who tremendously appreciate your time, passion, creativity and expertise.
I like the idea of using your name in what you put out there. You know why? Because you've earned that right and you ought to have that ownership as far as I'm concerned. Others have said that the meaning of Sage is a wise person, so how apropos to use Sage in the naming of your blog.
Of course cycling would have to be somewhere in there...
But, then I got to thinking that you are more than Sage...you are more than cycling...so, now what?
Well, then it came to me.
I believe your new name to be:

Sage Cycling Sphere

This is because you ARE more than a blog with profiles and advice.
Sphere can be defined as, "an area of interest, activity, or expertise" or "a section of society or an aspect of life distinguished and unified by a particular characteristic."
As indoor cycling instructors, we are defined and unified by YOU, Jen. Your sphere or "world" that you have created has expanded us so much as instructors because we love and trust you and your leadership and work in the indoor cycling arena.
I say you also name is Sage Cycling Sphere because this is YOUR world that you created and invited us into.
And, I think you should bring all 3of your worlds together.
1-Keep it Real Book
2-Cycling blog (Funhog)
3-your cycling travel business
A big kudos to you for everything you do! I have grown so much as an indoor cycling instructor and wanted to tell you how grateful I am. I know so many others feel the same.

Jennifer Sage said...

Maureen....you have moved me to tears!! This is me giving you a big cyber hug & kiss XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!

May I take your words and put them on my new website as a testimonial?

Oh, and TODAY is the day....my new site is launching today, May 14th, 2011 (in a few hours from now - it's 9:45am MST right now). You'll all be getting an email soon if you're on my mailing list, but I'll also post an announcement here on FHS later today......

Lorie said...

Congrats on the new site Jennifer, can't wait!! I love the simplicity of SageCycling!! It really says it all since you are about cycling, indoors, outdoors, and keeping it real, which is definitely "sage" advice. I've found that having a short simple name is the best when it comes to marketing, you can always add a tag line for clarification.

Best of luck, you know I'll be following you!!

JoyRide Cycling Studio
Salem, OR