Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinco de Mayo tunes for Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Classes

Need some hot Latin music for a Cinco de Mayo playlist in your Spinning® or Indoor Cycling classes? Here's some for you!

However, as a lover of all things global, I feel it's my duty to remind you that Cinco de Mayo is Independence Day for the country of Mexico. Very few of these songs are from Mexican artists. They could be from any Latin country in the world - and there are many, stretching from central to South America, to the islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba, all the way over to Europe and the original Spanish country of Spain. But I guess if you go on vacation to Cancun or Cabo, you could hear any Latin song from all corners of the globe.

If the origin of the song doesn't concern you or your students, then have a great time in your classes with these fun and energetic tunes. ;-)

And if anyone has some specific Mexican artists (or any additional Latin tunes), please post them in the comments.

Song title, Artist, CD (if known)
* represents my own favorites

  • **Guitarra G (Original Chillout Mix), G Club presents Banda Sonora, Chillout Session Sampler
  • **Logozo, Sidestepper, Buddha Bar II
  • *Un Poco Flamengo (Unreleased Mix), Chilly Marry, Spinning Volume Eleven
  • Bingo Bango (Latin Dub Remix) - Basement Jaxx, Mad Dogg Spinning Volume 8
  • Sandy Hot Pants, Smitty & Davenport, Spinning Volume 9
  • *Corazon Espinado (Spanish Dance Remix), Santana feat Mana
  • Vazilando Feeling (dj Sueko Rmx), DJ Chus Vs Oreja
  • *Oye Mi Amor, Maná, Sol
  • Ángel de Amor, Maná, Sol
  • Mas Que Mancada (FI mix), Ronaldo's Revenge, Full Intention Revenge mix
  • El sabor de las cosas, Los Piratas, Ultrasónica
  • Hit the Road Jack (Pena Estrad), Mo' Horizons, Remember Tomorrow
  • El Camino, Marquess, Marquess
  • De Camino, Alex Cuba, Agua Del Pozo
  • Radio Incredible, Marquess, Frenetica
  • * Tu no Eres Para Mi, Fanny Lu
  • (I'll be a) Happy Man, The Latin Blues Band feat. Luis Aviles, Brown Sugar - Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo
  • **La Esperanza - Bongoloverz & Ursula Cuesta, Buddha Bar, Buddha Bar 8
  • Lola, Chayanne, Mi Tiempo
  • *Remember (Na Na Na Hey Hey), Summerlove
  • Quien Como Tu, Enzo Diaz, Barrio Latino - Paris Bailando (Latin cover of Without Love by the Doobie Brothers)
  • *Diablo Rojo, Rodrigo & Gabriela, Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • *Fiesta Latina, Cafe De Miami, Salsa In A Sultry Atmosphere
  • Guapisimo, Cafe De Miami, Salsa In A Sultry Atmosphere
  • Let's Be Free, Cafe De Miami, Salsa In A Sultry Atmosphere
  • *La Bamba (Remix 2005), Safri Duo
  • *Ritmo De La Noche, Safri Duo
  • *Gypsy (En Vivo), Shakira, Loba
  • *Suerte, Shakira
  • Livin La Vida Loca (Pablo Flores English Club Mix), Ricky Martin, Livin' La Vida Loca
  • * El Temperamento (Spanish Single Version), Marquess, Marquess
  • No importa, Marquess, Frenetica
  • * Bailamos (Album Version), Enrique Iglesias, Hero [Single]
  • Samba De Janeiro (Maxi), Bellini
  • *Suavemente, Elvis Crespo, Suavemente
  • Baila Morena, Zucchero, Zucchero & Co.
  • A Gozar, Spiritual Vibes, Barrio Latino - Paris Bailando
  • Así Es La Vida, Elefante, Elefante Exitos
  • El Abandonao, Elefante, Elefante Exitos
  • Mariposa, La Oreja de Van Gogh, El Viaje De Copperpot
  • Pop, La Oreja de Van Gogh, El Viaje De Copperpot
  • La Playa, La Oreja de Van Gogh, El Viaje De Copperpot
  • Soledad, La Oreja de Van Gogh, El Viaje De Copperpot
  • * Tres, Juanes, La vida es un ratico
  • * Te Amo (Madgipsy Mix), Sultana, 80 vs. 90 - Golden Rare Extended Tracks
  • South Beach Mambo, The Rippingtons, Life In The Tropics
  • Premonición, David Bisbal, Premonición Disc 1
  • Torre de Babel [Reggaeton Mix], David Bisbal, Premonición
  • Silencio, David Bisbal,
  • Quién Me Iba a Decir, David Bisbal, Premonición
  • Latin Blues Part 1, Eric Kupper, Rythm2


  • Agua Del Pozo, Alex Cuba, Agua Del Pozo
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Coco Freeman/U2, Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba
  • Hero, Enrique Iglesias, Hero [Single]
EDIT: Chris has posted her Cinco de Mayo playlist on her indoor cycling blog for even more variety. Make sure to check back with Chrispins often for her playlists, too!


Kala said...

Wow, Jennifer! Quite a list! Thank you for compiling it!!! :)

Shirin said...

Amazing! You are so awesome Jennifer!Thanks for all the great tunes!

chrispins said...

I posted my Cinco de Mayo ride on my blog yesterday: (I'm considering changing out a few songs to include some of your great suggestions though!):

Jennifer Sage said...

don't change the songs - just link to this post! Link sharing is a great tool for blogs! I'll edit this post and link to your Cinco de Mayo post. You've got some great stuff there too - and very different from mine so that gives people even more variety.


chrispins said...

Thanks for the shout out Jennifer! I will return the favor!

Dane Boyle said...

Thanks again for the suggestions. I don't use my Rhapsody account much for class, but today I was able to find many of the songs you suggested. Chris thanks for posting as well.

I am really looking forward to teaching using the Cinco de Mayo theme. It really works when you live it the San Antonio area too.

Colleen said...

Thanks, Jennifer and Chris! I'm glad to be able to add a few new songs to my 'Cinco de Mayo' playlist. I also use 'El Microfono (Nickodemus Remix)and 'La Paz la Luz' by Mexican Institute of Sound.

Jennifer Sage said...

Oh, Dios Mio, my class was so fun this morning! I can't wait until I have another excuse to do an all-Latin class. On the other hand, remember, you can always incorporate these fun Latin songs into any profile - you don't need a holiday to do it!

I'm going to look up Chris' & Colleen's suggestions and add them to my Latin library. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Local Blogger said...


Is there a way to obtIn your queen profile for the giro? It was missing from ici?

Local Blogger said...


Any way to get your queen profile for giro? Missing from ICI?

Jennifer Sage said...

@Local Blogger Can you wait just a little bit longer? I know the Giro has started....but soon I'll be launching a new site and plan to have a Giro profile up soon, from THIS year's race!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexico's independence. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of freedom from the oppressive French.

Jennifer Sage said...

Hey Anonymous - you're right! I appreciate the heads up. Someone else set me straight via email and I meant to go back in and edit it but got busy. Can you believe it, I grew up in San Diego, next door to Mexico, and have always thought it was Mexican Independence Day! And May 5th is my husband's birthday, and he thought so too...

Now if those dang Germans hadn't bombed Pearl Harbor....

anareli_spinn said...

You are soooo right Anonymus!!!!! But don´t feel bad Jennifer, amost every body in US thinks that way. It´s so funny how you celebrate 5 de Mayo as if it was the biggest, when for us mexicans it´s just a day to remember. We still work and go to school and have the normal daily activities. Our real Independence day is september 15th. And, about your play list, it is quite an awesome list!!! and besides the fact that there are only 4 mexican songs: Maná (2), Elefante and La bamba, I think it will work great for a "Fiesta Latina" ride!!!!! :)

Jennifer Sage said...

I wish I had you as a consultant when I put this together! Maybe you can send me some real Mexican Spinnable fun music ideas! I'm lucky I had even 4 that are really from Mexico!
Anyways, Latin music is fun where ever it originates from. I just like to acknowledge that it's not specifically Mexican, or when I do a Vuelta a Espana, I really try to choose Spanish artists, not just Latin.
Thanks for your input!

Spinning for livin' said...

Great list - I love Safri Duo :-D