Monday, April 4, 2011

The Triple Bypass is available online for free viewing - limited time!

It's here! You can now watch the edited version of my Triple Bypass ride on Cycling Fusion. It will be available for viewing for almost 2 weeks, until April 15th. Click here to go to the Cycling Fusion Winter Training Page, and then in the first paragraph you'll find a link to watch the Triple Bypass. My playlists for this and the Over/Under Interval ride are also available there.

When we had recorded this ride, I (and many of the students) had already been riding for 2.5 hours!

Please share my blog page with other instructors, students, studio and club owners, or cyclists who might like to ride it on their trainers when the weather prevents them from riding outside. We want to tell the world about the Cycling Fusion concept of creating a digital library of classes, to be viewed anytime.

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Le said...

Got the two playlists on CF yesterday. Thank you so much. Maybe I try to put in a request for these playlists at LA Fitness to see if they can provide(???) That's would be a blessing, heh?

Would you give the Virtual Ride's playlist too, please?
There are so many great songs in that ride!

Going to watch TB now.

Thank again, Jennifer.

ACA said...

I'll post the playlist to the Virtual Ride also - but remember, it was a "pre-production" version (Jennifer is special, and well... we like to break the rules for her :-)

joesal said...

Thanks for posting the free vid. enjoyable and informative.

Kala said...

So neat to see us all on video!! It was a great ride and it was great to watch it again and take a couple notes! :)

Thanks so much for the great time in Pittsburgh!!!

Colleen said...

So maybe I shouldn't mention this but I was keeping an open mind about ICI since you left and have been so disappointed. Thanks for continuing contact with us. I just really learn the most from you. I'd rather smaller quantity and larger quality.

Marsha said...

Hi Jennifer,
Watched the video this week and thought it was so fun. It fit right in with some of the skills my class has been working on the last few weeks, so I taught it today with some modifications to emphasize our particular training path and a different playlist. It was great! I loved it and so did the class. I downloaded photos of the three passes and taped them up behind me. Muchas gracias, as always.

Sunshine said...

I watched Triple Bypass live and it was awesome. I had my paper and pen ready and I jotted down Jennifers cues and visualations.
I made notes on how she presented the Profile and also printed out the map of the ride. I put together my own music and presented it to my class. It was fantastic, they could not stop talking about it,word is spreading around the gym. Another cycle instructor present for the ride asked me to sub her next strength class and present it to them.
Thank You Jennifer

Andy Shine

William said...

Watched the video last Friday. This is an excellent ride. I really liked how you painted a picture in the way you described the ride and the environment. I sent the link for the video to an instructor friend to show them where my influences come from.

Thanx for this.

david said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just found this posting. I would love to use this profile in my class. Is it possible to obtain the class profile from you?
FlyWheeler Dave