Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strength Profile - Kilimanjaro's Magic

You are really going to be excited about this ride. Not only is it challenging, with plenty of variety and opportunity to motivate your students, but the music selection marries beautifully with the theme of the ride, which is the magic of climbing Kilimanjaro.

My guest instructor today is Victoria Chavarria from Costa Rica. Victoria is a very passionate instructor - I hope to one day have the opportunity to ride as a participant in her class, because Costa Rica is high on my list of places I want to visit (hey! and maybe do a bicycle tour down there)!

Victoria told me, "I have this dream of visiting different mountains, and Africa has 2 of them, which is why I made a profile inspired on that dream." Well, she really did a fantastic job at it. 

Her description of choosing the music shows that she really puts thought into her playlists. She said, "I like to give them music they have never heard before because in that way they can't relate it with any other person, time, experience or thing other than what they are feeling in precisely that moment."

If you have the opportunity to find some of these songs, I think you will really be moved at how the music matches the intended purpose and theme of the ride. There are some magical moments in this playlist! Some lilting and soothing, some powerful and energetic, all of it rhythmic, as there are no shortage of drums in African music.

Or, as usual, you can take the clever profile and put your own music and objectives to it. However you do it, your students will appreciate the ride.


Moritz said...

Victoria's playlist contains only the titles but not the interprets. This makes it pretty hard to find and buy any of them ... Any chance to get the "full" list ?


lamspin said...

Hi Jennifer,
I know you are recovering from the Jamaican trip, but I want to share an exciting plan:
I will do this ride on Monday with the movie: Killimanjaro: To The Roof of Africa for the visualization. Have you watched it? Watching this movie has inspired me to compile some of my ambient music based of Vitoria's profile, of course.

If you have any advices please send my way. Thank you. (Will check back later in the weekend)

If the ride goes well, I will send you the CD of my playlist (which is powerful and calm at the same time)

Victoria, if you read this, thank you for your idea.

Moritz, most of Victoria's songs are on iTunes. I found them.


victoria said...

Hi Moritz!
I hope this helps you:

CD:Global Spirit FROM:Karunesh

#2.Souka Nayo* CD:Nomad Soul FROM:Baaba Maal

#3.Techno Rave Jungle CD:Matrix II Trance Mix FROM:Matrix Soundtrack

#4.Te Kaiga*
CD:Tutuki FROM:Te Vaka

#5.Dusty Bass
CD:Aethernal (MDA vol.11)

#6.Ken Mouka~
CD:Welenga FROM:Wes Mdiko
#7.Alané ~
CD:Welenga FROM:Wes Madiko

#8.Alamagoto* FROM:Te Vaka

#9.The Millenium Bell ~
CD:The Millennium Bell
FROM:Mike Oldfield

#10.Awa Awa~
CD:Super Best FROM:Deep Forest

#11.Spirit of the Forest
FROM:Baka Beyond

#12.African Dream
CD:Karma Collection 3 (disc1)FROM:Various Artists

CD:Pure Moods
FROM:Enya & Pure Moods

* Find these songs at www.calabashmusic.com

~ Find these songs at www.gomusic.ru

Song #4, Te Kaiga can be substituted with Kubula Ma from Karunesh, album Global Spirit.

Songs 11, 12 and 13 are for cool down and stretching at the end (not included in the profile).