Monday, September 29, 2008

My second interview on a podcast!

The autographs and photos with the big guys at Interbike were cool, and the steal of a deal on Shimano custom-fit shoes, and the gobs of Sport Beans by Jelly Belly that I walked away with, and the goniometer I scored for free for proper bike fit (you guys are gonna love this - I'll write a full post on proper fit on an indoor bike later, and on how using a goniometer can simplify your life)... 

All these things were awesome.

But I was there to network, and seek contacts and vendors and potential partners for my bicycle tour company, specifically for the new product that I am developing (and seeking investors for), and basically to promote my bicycle tours.

In this area, I scored big time, which made the show a screaming success for me! David Bernstein, the creator of The Fredcast, a cycling podcast, was part of the panel on utilizing Web 2.0. We set up an interview on Friday where he asked me specifically about my current customized self-guided bike tours. Here is that interview.  I'm telling you, you cannot pay for that kind of PR! No amount of advertising can explain a business in the way an interview like this can. He interviews a lot of people at the show, so if you don't want to listen to it all, you can let it load, then go ahead to 36 minutes into the podcast, where my interview starts (it's only about 4-5 minutes). Actually the guy before me is from Hammer nutrition - it's pretty interesting, and there's someone who is passionate about his product.

And, if you're a cyclist, you may want to sign up for the weekly podcast to be streamed right into your iTunes. You can find that link on his website.

He also told me he would like to interview me again when I get the new product up and running - this product will be perfect for his demographic. 

I also met up with Ed Pavelka of, who is urging me to finish my ebook on Using Indoor Cycling to Train for Outdoor Riding, because they plan to sell it on their site. My hope is to have it completed by end of October (otherwise I'll miss out on the best selling season). That's a tall order - if you think I'm busy now...just wait! 

Ed is a great guy, and honestly just loves the cycling world. If you're a roadie (or wannabe) and you don't get their weekly newsletter, you should be!

I spoke to a lot of companies about selling their products either directly (retailing them) or indirectly (through affiliate relationships) - things my bike tour clients will need, like bicycle cases for transporting their bikes, handlebar bags, Garmin Edge cycling computers with GPS, gear, clothing, books, etc...

Now I've just got to hire someone to help me build this part of the business. Retail is not me - I want to be out there creating the tours and blogging about it, and riding in France with my clients!


Bilko said...

Let us know what you need.

Jennifer Sage said...

ABsolutely bilko (is that Paul?). I'll be posting bike fit's info on here shortly. I can't wait to use my goniometer in an orientation in 2 weeks.