Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back from Interbike

Got home at midnight last night. I have plans to post some photos and tell some cool stories, such as I got interviewed on another podcast, this one for the cycling industry which is the absolute best PR one can hope for (for my bike tours), or the fact that I got Lance Armstrong's autograph (and other cyclists).

So this show was a fantastic success! But it's amazing how fatigued you can get from walking around on a trade-room floor, to over 1,000 vendors, stuck indoors, for 3 days. Today I was too exhausted to do much, although I made myself get out on my bike and enjoy the incredibly beautiful fall weather we're having (we're in full autumn foliage here in the Rockies). So tomorrow or Monday I'll post pictures, and later this week I have some more profiles and great indoor cycling tips.

BUT, I have to share a post from Fat Cyclist. I arranged to meet him at the show and attended a panel that he was a part of on using Web 2.0 (things link blogging, podcasts, video, social networking, etc). The bicycle industry as a whole is a little slow to adopt these tools, but those of us who are leading the way, well, the future looks really exciting!! (I count myself in that pack, although I haven't been as active on my cycling blog as this one - I've got to change that soon).

Anyway, here is Fatty and me at Interbike! Since he has such a huge readership, this is pretty exciting!

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Hey Jennifer,

Sorry I missed the show! Best of luck with your tour concept - it's cool! BTW, as a branding guy, I'm wondering if you have a name for it?

Also, did you see anything interesting in the "virtual cycling" video world? If so, would you drop me a line when you have a chance?