Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday's Time Trial - A Great Race Day opportunity!

The results of this year's very exciting Tour de France, is coming down to Saturday's time trial, stage 20. Cadel Evans is 1:25 behind Carlos Sastre, after Sastre's amazing ride up Alpe d'Huez on Wednesday. The announcers kept saying that Evans is a much stronger time trialist, and has the possibility of putting up to 90 seconds on Sastre, given the distance of this final time trial. But when one has the maillot jaune, one is far more motivated! And Sastre no doubt will be motivated. I can imagine he is doing daily affirmations and using visualizations to picture himself on the top place on the podium in Paris. Will Carlos Sastre pull out the ride of his life this Saturday?
One thing is for certain - this Tour de France may be the closest margin in history (currently Greg Lemond holds that record, with an 8-second win over Laurent Fignon in 1989 - photo above). As well, the top 5 or 6 riders may be within the shortest amount of time in history (as of now, the top 6 are within less than 5 minutes)!

You can use this in your Stage 20 ride! Use that excitement, that motivation. Ask your riders to pretend that they are Carlos Sastre who knows that this must be the best performance of his life, if he is to realize his dream of being #1 in the Tour de France. or better yet, imagine that they are Christian Vande Velde, the American on Garmin-Chipolte who is such a strong time trial rider, that a fantastic ride might take him from 6th to 3rd or even 2nd!

Put your intention into every pedal stroke. Believe in yourself, see yourself on the podium. Imagine the sweet glory of it all. It makes all the effort, training, and pain so worthwhile.


Chris said...

I think the experts are right. Cadel wins the Tour in the TT. Vandevelde move up into 3rd. It will be fun to watch it all unfold.

Jennifer Sage said...

Won't it be fun? I know I'm setting my alarm clock for early on Saturday! Although, I'm a little torn, I would love to see Sastre pull it off, riding the TT of his life. Cadel still has time to win more...Sastre is getting towards the end of his career!

Jonnie said...

I had planned a Stage 20 TT this morning but lucky for me I got up very early and found my way to your blog and I am so glad I did. Your many details enhanced the ride 10 fold! I used almost everything in the 2 classes I taught with your awesome cues and visualizations...(love: Legs to engine room, more power!) made the TDF come alive for my students. They were watching the big screen in our gym lobby to see if Sastre was able to hold on. They esp loved the description of what it feels like to crash at a bike race.
P. S. Met you at WSSC 07 (Keeping it Real) and we have talked on the are awesome! Thanks for all that you do!

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks Jonnie - glad to be of help! I kinda wished I was teaching this TT in my class (we had another instructor who taught it on Wednesday). It would have been fun with the pressure that was on this particular stage.
After watching the race we went out for a great 40-mile ride - I felt inspired!