Friday, July 11, 2008

Please tell us about your Tour de France Spinning Program

Are you running a Tour de France program in your Spinning classes? Would you be willing to tell the world about it? Even just briefly, leave a comment on how many stages you're doing, what kind of promotions (if any) you're doing, class responses, etc.  I've gotten quite a few emails from instructors describing what they're doing and how fun it has been. Things like decorating the Spin room with posters, putting yellow, green and red/white polk-a-dot ribbons on the bikes, giving away jerseys, students who have formed their own "teams", etc.

Let us know here! If it's just a brief description (a few sentences or paragraphs) please just click "comments" below any post on this blog and enter it there.  If it's longer, email me and I'll include it as a post, combined with other programs. In fact, if you want to share some of your profiles, send them to me and I'll post them right here on this blog with a little bio about you and your club.  This blog gets around 100 hits a day (and growing - please continue to share this with any instructors you know) from instructors all over the world - so anything you share can help other instructors across the globe! And you may get a lot more ideas to add to your program, or to keep in mind for next year's Tour de France.

This weekend, I'll be writing a post about how to create a profile based on the finale in Paris, with 8 laps around the Champs Elysées. As the final class of your "Tour" you can create a lot of fun activities around it.

Thanks for sharing! My email is

And check out my other blog on Cycling in Europe and how and where to view the stages of the Tour de France (in person, on your bicycle). Share it with all the cyclists you know who might one day want to take a cycling tour to Europe or other parts of the world.

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