Saturday, July 26, 2008

About today's time trial - Tour de France 2008 Stage 20

As Paul Sherwen said in the race, a time trial is all about "dosing your efforts". Well, Cadel Evans didn't dose his very well - in fact, they mentioned that he was pedaling a higher gear than he normally does. If this is so, one has to wonder why you would do something different than you normally would do?

Carlos Sastre rode the time trial of his life. He finished "only" 12 in the actual time trial, but that was enough to keep his yellow jersey. It is said that once you pull on the yellow jersey, you ride like two men. And he did!

Cadel Evans didn't ride the race of his life...and he didn't live up to anybody's expectations or predictions, not the least of which was his own. But to be honest, I'm quite happy about it! He's not my favorite rider. He's a whiny, mean person with a wimpy voice who is very aggressive with the media. Check out these Youtube videos posted on another cycling blog of how mean he can actually get!

So my hat goes off to Carlos Sastre and Christian Vande Velde, who also rode the TT of his life and lifted himself up to 5th place, not bad for an American who no one had in their radar for a top finish! And the exciting thing, he gives us great hope for next year! 

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Robert said...

A well-deserved win (presuming nothing untoward happens tomorrow) by Sastre and the rest of the CSC team - Riis grand strategy perfectly executed by Voigt, Cancellara, Schelks et al.

Needless to say, the whiny one showed what a sore loser he really is and there's been no word of him as yet - he pushed aside the media and disappeared after the anti-doping control.

I'd like to see the bitter look on his face on the podium in Paris - something that most cyclists would consider a major achievement!

Jennifer Sage said...

Yeah, we'll call it the Cadel Pout - he wore it last year too. Sastre is quite humble and grateful for his team and the part they played. He deserved this win more than anyone, and Team CSC deserved the Team win!

sandy said...

I too am happy Evans didn't win. Especially since he showed no balls on any of the stages. Sucking wheels on the major climbs where a true champion should reign. Sastre is well deserved to wear yellow. Thanks for the link to Evans hissy fits. I sent it to all my cycling fans!