Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WSSC Recovery

This morning I had to teach a Spinning class at 6 am. My flight got into Eagle, CO after 10:00 pm last night, and as you can imagine, I am exhausted. I think on average I had 6 hours of sleep the previous 6 nights prior to and at the conference (and after the party I went to on Sunday night in Coral Gables as well).

So here's my story of my return from my fantastic weekend. My flight left Miami around 2 pm yesterday (Monday). I checked my bag, and literally 5 minutes later thought, "SHOOT! I forgot to take my car keys out of my checked bag and put them in my carry on!" Then I immediately replaced that thought with positive thoughts that my bags were going to be fine, that there wasn't going to be any problem, etc. And I put it out of my mind.

About 6 years ago, I left my car keys in my checked bag and was SOL when my bag didn't arrive at my final destination. So I learned a valuable lesson, and I haven't made that mistake since then. And the only reason they were in my checked bag this time is because the roller bag I have for my carry-on is the same bag I used to go to and from my sessions at WSSC (computer, handouts, cycling shoes, etc). I emptied it of "junk" to be less likely to lose anything. As I put my car keys in my checked bag pocket, I made a mental note to put them back in my carry-on when I packed up to leave.  (I am sure you can see where this is going).

Many hours later (my flight was Miami to Charlotte, Charlotte to Denver, Denver to Vail/Eagle, and the latter is a very small airport high in the mountains), I arrive in Eagle. Last plane of the night, small group of people got off the plane. Everything in the airport is closed. The carousel dumps out the bags, and then stops... and mine isn't there.

The first time in 6 years I've put my car keys in my checked bag, and that's the day it doesn't arrive. Here's another coincidence. I had been carrying around a spare key in my purse for a few months. Just last week, I took it out and hung it up on the key rack, thinking a spare key is much more valuable there than in my purse. If needed, my husband could grab the spare! 

Aside from the one airport employee I spoke to to register my lost bag, the airport was empty. And then he left, telling me the fire department would be in soon to close the airport down, but he didn't think they could kick me out! I was virtually alone there! And my husband was still in Miami (stayed a day longer with friends) and I have no one to call (it's late, and my friends either live 45 minutes away or are single moms or other excuses that kept me from wanting to call anyone - I simply HATE to be an imposition). There are no taxis or shuttles outside like at larger airports at all hours. I could call a taxi if I could find the number, but I already know it will be about $75-80.

My phone rang at about 10:20 while I was contemplating my dilemma. It was Allison, the director of fitness at one place I teach Spinning, returning my call from a few hours before seeking another instructor's number to possibly get a last minute sub for my 6 am class the next day (thank God she called at the late hour). But prior to the bag dilemma, I had committed myself to teaching that class. Long story short, she saved the day and came out and rescued me in her pyjamas. The firemen were a little concerned about me, and showed me how to exit the building through the locked doors, but Allison drove up as they were showing me.

Fortunately I only live less than a quarter mile from the club. Needless to say, at 5:15 am this morning, I was in denial that I really did have to get up that early. But I learned that the walk to the club in the early morning is really kind of nice, and that I shouldn't be driving anyway when it's that close (except when it's freezing temps)! I'm just too lazy and relish that extra 5-minutes in bed. That's one of the changes that will come out of this.

I had a small class, two women who I know overtrain all the time. I told them about my baggage fiasco, and about the conference, and about my need, and the general need for recovery. So they were very open to doing a recovery ride, thank goodness! We discussed periodization, the importance of balance in your training week, heart rate training, and more. For the first time, I think I made an impression on one of them, who has promised me she'll go buy a heart rate monitor and start recording her workouts.

And I felt so much better afterwards. Still needed a nap later on, but that little bit of movement at a recovery heart rate was truly what the doctor ordered.

I still need to find someone to drive me to Eagle to pick up my car, but I'm over the frustration of the situation (my bag was delivered this afternoon), and I am now trying to channel it into more positive things. I mean, heck, in the scheme of things, yeah it was a big pain in the butt, but no one is worse for the wear. As someone told me, "Wow! Jennifer, you are a powerful creator! If you can create that, imagine what you can create if you channel it into positive things for your business!" And when something happens, it is what it is, and no amount of frustration is going to change it. 

I guess you have to look on the bright side of everything.

It will take me at least a week or more to organize everything, but I'll be posting my outlines and music lists from my WSSC sessions right here on this blog. Check in often to see what's new, and let me know how your experience was at WSSC if you went.

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