Friday, June 6, 2008

New updated WSSC music list available

I've gotten many inquiries as to where to find the tracks from my WSSC playlists. I realize some of them may be hard to find, and I apologize for that! I can save you many hours of searching, because I've gone through and listed where to find many of the tracks through the sources I personally use - eMusic, Amazon, iTunes and Beatport.  There are other sources if you want to do the research. I edited my music list and it is now available by clicking here. So even if you downloaded it before, you might want to get this new version with the searching tips.

You can get at least 25 of these through eMusic for free! Click on the icon at the top left of this blog to qualify for the 25 free downloads. If you sign up, you get even more free downloads. The good news is that you can cancel at any time - no obligation.

I actually have created a music store in Amazon with my favorite albums from these playlists (and a few more). They're all in one spot right here.  

If you find other sources for some of these, especially the hard-to-find ones, please let me (and everyone else) know by leaving a comment.

Enjoy all this great music!

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