Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My WSSC music playlists

First things first - the Music!!

I have created one document that includes all of my playlists from WSSC.  Click here to download the file. Tip: Many of these (but not all - I'm guessing maybe half) are available on eMusic, so you might want to click on the eMusic icon on the upper left and sign up for your free 25 downloads, and see how many of these you can find there. (BTW, there's no obligation to join, and if you do, you can quit at any time).

You will find the playlists for the following:
1. LT Field Test on a Spinner
2. The Triple Threat (3 types of HIT intervals)
3. The Tour de France and Alpe d'Huez
4. Pedal Stroke Drills
5. Moving Mountains (including the Component of Flow for each song)
6. The Secret Ride

At the end of the document are the amazing lyrics for the song Move Any Mountain, which I used in Moving Mountains (in fact, the song was the inspiration for the title of the session, which I created 4 years ago). This song, from back in the 1980's, was before its time in its insightful and inspirational lyrics. But they sing it so fast you'd never understand what you were hearing. Now you'll know! These lyrics are not only applicable to the concepts we covered in Moving Mountains, but also in The Secret Ride. Here's an example:

I will not fail nor falter I shall succeed
My perception is altered I do believe
Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way
Firm conviction is no fiction - This is my day!

Here's to making TODAY your day!

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