Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Indoor Cycling Association has launched!

I'm excited to announce the brand new Indoor Cycling Association. Our mission is to educate and inspire indoor cycling instructors to be the best they can be, by offering solid information based on exercise science and true cycling technique and biomechanics. My own specialty is heart rate training, coaching, motivation and music, so ICA members can expect everything they need to know to become the best indoor cycling coach ever!

I've assembled a pretty amazing team of contributors, and will be inviting other Master Instructors and fitness industry experts to submit content as well.

When I was at my previous program, my audio profiles were a very big hit. You can expect the same at ICA - an audio description of a profile, with an objective, the profile description and the actual cueing and coaching suggestions throughout the ride. You can download the mp3 of the audio to listen to on your ipod, or print out the printed version. I'll do one every three weeks or so, and will sprinkle other profiles and playlists as well that aren't audio, but still including the coaching and music.

And the music suggestions - wait until you see what the feedback has been! I've got two excellent contributors, Jorg from Germany with the most unique electronic/psytrance/downtempo/techno songs you've ever heard, and Kala with a penchant for upbeat and fun mainstream pop, rock and alternative tunes to satisfy your students. I'll be throwing my own favorites in there as well.

We'll have videos and audios, with interviews with the experts on just about any aspect of teaching (or taking) indoor cycling or Spinning classes you can imagine. If there is something you want us to cover, please, let us know! Email me at

Since there are not two sets of rules (biomechanics, physics, physiology, etc) for cyclists and non-cyclists, you can be sure that everything we teach will be the most current science of training, as well as proper technique. However, since there are many instructors who are confused at how to deliver safe and effective workouts to their students who believe that "cycling specific" means not interesting, we realize we need to teach instructors how to make their classes fun, motivating and exciting while sticking to the principles of cycling and proper training principles.

The Indoor Cycling Association has its eye on becoming the premier educational resource for indoor cycling instructors in the world! In one short month of being open we have hundreds of members from around the world. Spread the word, spread the love, and join us at the Indoor Cycling Association!

Ride on!

Jennifer Sage
Master Instructor
Founder, Indoor Cycling Association
Author, Keep it Real (in your indoor cycling classes)

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Dan Bennett said...

Great Job.... Thanks for sharing.
Dan Bennett
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