Monday, March 21, 2011

Join me for a LIVE class this Friday in person or online: The Triple Bypass!

This Friday will be a momentous and exciting occasion for me, and I hope many of you. I am honored to be leading some rides at the Cycling Fusion headquarters outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are going to film several of my indoor cycling classes for the Cycling Fusion digital library. On Friday at 7:30 pm EST (GMT - 4:00), you can log in to view live on your computer - for free! This generous offer is thanks to Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion to introduce the world to its new concept of creating a library of digital indoor cycling classes. Clubs (or individuals who want to ride at home) around the world will be able to access this library of a wide variety of classes from top instructors. It should be available sometime in the not-too-distant future.

If you can join me for this ride - either in person or online - I would be so honored. The live-feed will be a 60-minute ride I am calling The Triple Bypass, with three focused climbs, all slightly different. If you view it online, my suggestion is to either treat it like a Master Class or conference session and take notes, or ride along with us on your bike at home (or at your club if you have computer access). Click here to sign up for the live feed.

Are you near Pittsburgh?
Then please come ride with us in person for free - but sign up soon as it will fill up quickly. Nothing makes me happier than meeting in person some of the fantastic people I've met through cyberspace. (Click here and then click on "reserve a bike in Pittsburgh" to sign up.)

We are actually filming 3 classes on Friday evening; only one will be shown live on the internet. But if you come in person you can sign up for one or all of them (two 45-minute and one 60-minute ride).

Winter Training, Saturday March 26: Educational lecture and 2-hour ride
Then on Saturday I will be a guest instructor for Cycling Fusion's innovative Winter Training program, a 12-week progressive periodized training program every Saturday during the winter. First I will give a lecture on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) followed up by Over/Under Intervals, a ride designed to improve your threshold. After that Gene and I will co-lead a ride to a Global Ride video (hint hint, this is an unreleased soon-to-be-available edition filmed in my favorite place to ride a bike, a region I know very well - the Alpes of France)!

Normally it's $39 for the four-hour session but for you, Gene is making this available at a special discounted rate of 25% off for my readers/subscribers. Click here to sign up for Winter Training and enter the discount code "sageless25".

I am so excited to be a part of this and I can't wait to tell you more about it next week after I've recovered from this crazy weekend.

Want to learn more about Cycling Fusion? It is one of the newest and most progressive indoor cycling certification programs, one you will certainly be hearing much more about in the months and years to come. Click here for more information on their certification and training. Also, next winter you will surely want to be plugged in and take part in the entire 12-week Winter Training program.

Remember, mark your calendars:
  • Friday, March 25th, 7:30 pm EST (GMT -4) Live online feed of Triple Bypass ride.
  • Saturday, March 26th, 11:00am - 3pm EST Live Winter Training: lecture, 2-hour ride, yoga.
EDIT: By the way - if you sign up for the free live feed, it is only available that night. But if you sign up for the Winter Training discounted program (lecture + 2 hr ride + yoga) then you will have access to it for a week.


Le said...

Just signed up for Fri live feed, can't wait to see you in action!
You will rock, Jennifer!
One question: if I paid for the Sat session, can I go back later to watch it again, in case I am not available at that time?
All the best! xx

Kala said...

You nailed it on the head- a"momentous and exciting occasion"!! Can't wait for my end-of-the-week workout this week!! =D

Shirin said...

Thanks Jennifer.
Very thorough. As I was coming up with questions reading this post, you seemed to answer them in the next sentence!!
Very cool. If I weren't buried under taxes at work, I'd be on a plane to PA :( Nevertheless, I'm excited and signed up to catch the Friday ride from my desk :( I will be all ears with my notepad and pen, ready to learn from the master.
Power On Jennifer!

Jennifer Sage said...

Yes Le, you'll have access to that day's lecture/rides for a week. I edited the post to explain that. Thanks for asking.

So it really is an excellent deal when you think about it. A lecture (the equivalent of a conference session), two challenging rides (since you have access to it all week, do one on day one and the other the next day!) plus cycling specific yoga.

Le said...

Thank you Jennifer for the info. Will sign up for the Sat session. Haven't ride with you again since "JUMP 'N JAZZIER" @ CFP. This would be a treat even it's on-line.
You are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! Is there any way to see your class video in a replay?

Sandy said...

Jennifer I tried to watch but it was just a series of still shots of you and no video. I'm wondering if everyone had that problem or just me. And yes, can you somehow put a replay of the feed online?

Jennifer Sage said...

No you weren't the only one. There were a few technical difficulties (after 10 weeks of no problems doing live feeds - Murphy's Law I guess). BUT the good news is that Gene is going to make the edited version available later this week so if you missed it, you've got another chance. I'll be putting up a post about that soon, and how to view it. It might take until later this week to edit it, but not to worry - you'll be able to watch it.

I'm just recovering right now after a very challenging 2 hours on the bike this morning. Such a great weekend, such a great experience. But boy, I could eat a horse right now! ;-)

Le said...

I was able to watch you climbed the first & second passes, then "technical downhill" after ;)
Looove your cueing; but I could tell there were a lot of distractions affecting your focus. The best part is you look great in camera, so no more butterfly in the next videos.
Well, "God laughs as we plan" :) and you were soooo prepared for it.
Hope you will share the playlist, please?
You did it, congrats!

renee said...

technical problem watching for me too. any news on the availability date for viewing?