Friday, March 18, 2011

I Love Sinning®, I mean Spinning®!

Actually, I have a long history of misspelling the word. Not because of not knowing how to spell it, but due to the mechanics of typing it. On the US keyboard, the "P" is in the top right, requiring the pinky finger to adroitly extend upwards to hit it. On the left hand it's the 'Q'. Therefore, a word that contains both a 'P' and a 'Q' is likely to be illegible if I am typing fast. Pinky finger typing has always been awkward for me ever since I learned to type way back in 1st grade in the late 1960's (yes, we learned to type on really old clunky typewriters in my 1st grade class at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in San Diego. I remember Sister Margaret Mary calling out the letters in her thick Irish accent. That is where I learned "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country")!

It's not as bad on my new MacBook keyboard, but on my previous computer, the keys got quite sticky as it aged, and the "p" was one of the worst. The double whammy resulted in chronically mistyping the word Spinning. I usually caught my typos, as I tend to edit (and over edit) almost everything I write. But last year I sent out an unedited Tweet describing my Spinning class, minus the 'p'. The result was embarrassing, but pretty funny and got me thinking about all the innuendos that could result from that weak pinky finger. I don't know exactly what I tweeted, but it was something along the lines of the following:

Phew! Euphoric after a thrilling and sweaty Sinning class!

See what I mean? One can get oneself in trouble....

Last night I wore my I Love Spinning shirt out for drinks with friends (still one of my fave t-shirts). It got me telling stories about some of my typos I've corrected prior to publishing, whether on this blog, on one of the indoor cycling forums, on my ICI blog or on emails to instructors. There may have been some that escaped unedited without my knowledge. Here are a few that I remember almost writing:
  • That was a real hard Sinning class.
  • Planning a tough Sinning class tomorrow - should burn a lot of calories.
  • Sinning is a fantastic workout.
  • Nothing is more fulfilling than being a Sin instructor.
  • Endurance Sinning tomorrow...
  • Who would like to join me for my Sinning class tomorrow? I promise a great time!
  • Sinning is for everyone. All levels can enjoy it.
  • Sin at your own pace.
  • You always feel great after Sinning!

Lordy, I can imagine Sister Margaret Mary rolling over in her grave, thinking "Oh how sad, I thought little Jennie Ralph was a sweet little angel."

And then there are the ones that I've never written but thought would be entertaining if I had reason to write them. Do you have any more to add to this list?
  • Ugh, the Sinning room was a mess today.
  • I hate it when the other instructors leave the Sin room in such disarray.
  • Sinning is more fun with a large group.
  • Sin hard, sin often.
  • Periodized Sinning...
  • Sinning can be so fatiguing.
  • Sinning, one of the joys of life!
Or how about this one: FunhogSins!

By the way, I recommend pinky pushups to help avoid the missing "p" in your Sinning classes.

While we're on the subject, does anyone know if the devil has trademarked the word "Sinning®"? If not, maybe I should grab it while I still can! ;-)

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Moritz Gyssler said...

Not really on the original topic ;-) :
Heck what do I see here ? Toblerone from Switzerland, Nutella from Germany and Aqua Panna from Tuskany ?

Jennifer Sage said...

Yes Moritz! It's actually an Italian restaurant where we are sitting, and they have a whole display of tons of yummy European treats.

Funny though, we went there not for Italian food...we were there for Saint Patrick's Day and had Lamb Stew and Corned Beef & Cabbage and of course, Guiness.

I guess you can call it Dietary Sinning®! ;-)

Jennifer Sage said...

I was just rereading this and realized that I am ASSUMING that Sister Mary Margaret has passed away, 40+ years hence. Shame on me. To a 1st grader those nuns looked awfully old. But really she probably wasn't as old as my young mind thought, so I guess theoretically she could still be wondering what ever happened to little "Jennie Ralph!" ;-)