Monday, May 25, 2009

Preparing for WSSC Miami - who wants to ride on stage with me?

I barely get back from Italy and take care of things I needed to catch up on, and I have had to totally switch gears and focus on WSSC, the World Spinning and Sports Conference. This will be my 10th year presenting at this conference - wow, it's amazing to me how far I've come. I remember when I was scared @#*%less about this time. I'm no longer scared....just incredibly energized.

I leave in 2 days for Miami, and only have one and a half more days to prepare.

Am I ready? Well, physically, I certainly hope so! Mentally, I am there as well. Logistically, well, I've got some work to do. (See previous post on disorganization...)

Actually, I've been preparing for the past 12 months. It always comes down to the wire when pulling everything together, but most of my lectures and profiles I've been working on in some form for quite some time. It's the same as when I was studying for exams in college - I excelled at last minute preparation and studying, and always did well. I'm counting on that karma to continue.

Only two of my sessions this year are new for this WSSC, The Suitcase of Courage (SOC), on attacks, breakaways, leadouts and sprints in a TDF stage, and How Big is Your Why? The others I can practically do blindfolded, but knowing me, I'll still spend the previous evening locked in my hotel room practicing.

The SOC I unveiled at ECA New York in February, and I had the chance to teach it to three separate classes this past week, so I feel very prepared for that one. I do have a few props to procure however...

How Big is Your Why is going to be a very special workshop. I won't reveal much right here, because I'll be telling you about it afterwards, but the profile I've selected is a great metaphor for what we'll be discussing, and I spent at least 5 hours on my music today, from a pool of songs I've been considering for several months. I am very excited for this playlist, and I think you will be too!

Here's an example of how it's engulfed me the past few days - I can barely sleep without practicing my lectures. About midnight last night, an idea popped into my head for my Big Why lecture. It was brilliant! At first I thought to myself, "I'll remember it in the morning." Then I remembered how many times I have said that in the past yet couldn't remember the next day, so I jumped out of bed and wrote it down. I read it this morning and was so grateful I did that! That one subconscious thought is now the cornerstone of this lecture.

Let that be a lesson to you. Pay close attention when your subconscious thoughts are speaking to you. They can work in your favor or against it; the key is to pay attention!

I'm on my way to the club to ride two sessions on my own, How Big is Your Why (so I can put my music to the test) and my new playlist for the Lactate Threshold Field Test. The latter is very high energy. 

But before I go, I want to extend an invitation to those coming to WSSC.

Are you enrolled in any of my sessions? If you have been to WSSC in the past, you know that I love to have a team up on stage with me. I draw energy from my team, and I know it is an amazing experience for anyone who gets the opportunity to ride up there, especially when the session is in the large ballroom with a room of full bikes. All but one of my sessions are in the ballroom!

Maybe you are interested in riding on stage with me? They are coveted spots and there is limited space, but here are the criteria for being selected:

[This is for my Moving Mountains session] 
1. You are mentally and physically prepared to ride a 2-hr climb without having to change positions much. This class requires a lot of focus. Even if you've never done it that long, you know deep inside if you can do it. 
2. You are pre-registered. The class is full - 128 bikes - so I can't pull anyone in who's not on the list. (Unless I can pull in a bike from a non-full session, which I've done in the past!)
3. You are willing to share your energy with me and the rest of the class! A big task!
4. You send me an email with a short paragraph on why you would like to ride up on stage for MM. What would it mean to you? I'm sure most of you have heard about this class, and it has been a defining moment for several people in the past who were up on stage (for me and for them) - so I want to create a team who has a deep desire to experience this.

I've already selected a team for Alpe d'Huez (although I might still take one more...) and most of my other sessions have at least one person selected. If you are in any of these sessions, please send me an email as well with the reasons why you would like to experience being on stage at WSSC.

I would prefer to give this honor to someone who hasn't had the chance before to ride on stage at WSSC, and who has been to at least one WSSC in the past, but this isn't a major criteria, your answer "Why" is more important.

If you are interested, please email me: 

Moving Mountains, Alpe d'Huez and Triple Threat are sold out sessions. 
To those not registered who are thinking of trying to get in: As a standby who gets in line very early, you still may get a bike depending on if people don't show up, but don't let not getting a bike keep you from coming. You'll still get a LOT out of it, my guarantee. Bring something to take notes with.

Suitcase of Courage, How Big is Your Why and LT Field Test still have some space, but they often fill quickly with standby riders.

ANYONE who is riding Moving Mountains: Achieving FLOW is our goal. For optimum enjoyment and maximum FLOW, bring 2 water bottles so you are not pulled out of FLOW to get yours filled up. Also, for best results, bring an energy bar or two, and for sure have a towel with you. And maybe a kleenex. There will be a short "intermission" half way through.

ANYONE who is riding the LT Field Test: As you know, a heart rate monitor with an average function is necessary. Make sure you know how to use the average function and that it has a fresh battery. Please be well-rested, fueled and pre-hydrated for optimal results. You will not get an accurate LT if you're fatigued, dehydrated or running low on fuel (carbs). It's early Friday morning (7am), so make sure to eat breakfast at least 20 minutes prior (we have a 30-minute lecture prior to the ride, so that should give you enough time to digest).

And now I'm off to Spin for two hours! It's fitting, since it's been raining for three days straight and I haven't been able to ride outside.

I hear it's been raining sideways in southern Florida this whole week. Drowning in fact. Please Mr. Sun, please come out by Sunday midday when I am done with all my sessions! I don't leave until late Monday so I am really relishing the thought of relaxing by the pool.


Carly said...

Jen! I'm so pumped!
I'm heading to my first WSSC this year and am doing a bunch of your sessions- can't wait :)

Good luck with the rest of your prep, I'm sure it will be FAB
See you in the sun.

lamspin said...

Wow! I am envy those who will ride on stage with you. I can't afford to go to Miami. Hopefully, someday you will do the same at CFP, I will "jump up/down and scream" asking to ride with you up there, especially the MM one. Can I pre-book now? :>)))
Have a wonderful trip this time, Jennifer!

Jennifer Sage said...

let's HOPE for some sun! Just checked the and it looks like t-storms all the way through the weekend, and 79-82 degrees. Muggy!

Le, you can bet that if I come back to CFP you will be right up there with me for MM girlfriend! I would be honored!


Melissa Marotta said...

For anyone going to WSSC but who hasn't been able to get into one of Jennifer's rides: I was a big "wall-surfer" last year, parked myself against the wall to be able to soak up all the energy, vibes, style, and e-motivationalisms, scribbling notes and thoughts as I went (by the way, first-timers: ABSOLUTELY take notes, even while you're riding. You have no idea how many amazing things you're going to hear, which are going to inspire AMAZING ideas of your own -- and like Jennifer wrote in this post, you assume you can remember everything... and you really can't).

Anyway, you can audit an unlimited number of rides. I got to experience part of "Moving Mountains" this way, and it was incredible. (I disciplined myself not to run myself into the ground by riding too much, by deliberately scheduling my metabolic testing for the LAST day of WSSC. Ballsy. This forced me to focus my attention on absorbing everything I could about effective coaching language, etc. -- and at the end of the weekend, I wasn't craaaaaaawling to the airport like many of my colleagues).

I can't understate how much value one can soak up from just BEING in the room.

Good luck, Jennifer! Wish I could be there ;-)

lamspin said...

You maaade my day & night reading your response!!!! Should be me to have the honour to ride with you. I will make you proud. Wow! I am going to brag about this until it happens--The Law of Attraction. YAH!
Many thanks,

Shannon said...

I too was honored to be asked to be on stage with you. The spinning family has meant so much to me personally & professionally. I love how we come together from all parts of the world to share a passion for fitness and health of well being for others. The WSSC experience is one I look forward too and would be honored to share your energy with others when we are on stage together. Thank you for sharing that with me.

HBabin said...

I would love to ride with you on stage to celebrate my recovery after breaking my neck two years ago...I am strong again. This is my ninth WSSC and I love your classes


Jennifer Sage said...

That's amazing Helen,

make sure you send me an email with your compelling reason to ride up on stage. I look forward to receiving it, and to seeing you in Miami!


Kloba said...

Hey Jen,
I am attending that ride and I can't wait! I am excited to get to meet you in person...I doubt we will have a blizzard interfere with our plans like in NYC.
I read this kinda late, but if you are still looking for people to be onstage, I would love to ride. However, I have no compelling reason other than you inspire me. I appreciate your mentorship and generousity!