Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Giretto has begun! Greetings from Italy

Buon Giorno tutti!

Greetings from the Adriatic coast of Italy. We completed Stage 2 of the Giretto today, a truly fantastic ride on a beautiful day - a quintessential cycling day of perfection. It's very late here (midnight) and we have a long early day tomorrow so I'm going to keep this very short. We've had difficulty finding internet service in the little time we have devoted to being able to blog. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have it so I can post more pics and even videos.

But, please check out my Cycling in Europe blog where I've described Stage 1, the Team Time Trial, and an amazing coincidental happenstance as we were getting off the ferry.

I am hoping to inspire you, all of my readers, through my journey in Italy on this challenging event, to set a goal for yourselves, one that is a little out of your reach. In fact, one that you never thought you could complete. Then JUST DO IT! Do what you know must be done to accomplish it, then DO IT! Because you know what? I know you can.

...and if I've inspired you at all, if you have enjoyed any of my profiles (there's been well over 10,000 downloads of my profiles!), if you've learned anything from me on the pages of this blog...then I'm hoping you'll be inspired to make a little donation to our efforts here in Italy at the Giretto. Every single one of us have been or will be affected by cancer - either personally or someone we care about, so this is a great time to "pay it forward".

As I've mentioned before, I know times are tough for everyone right now, so I'm not asking for much. If all my readers gave just $5 or $10, then we'd far surpass our goal and show the Livestrong organization that we are a force to reckon with! (Our plans are to take the Giretto and make it a yearly significant event for Livestrong).

If you would like to make a small donation, please click here. At the very least, go and read my motivation for doing an event like this!

I also want to thank those of you who have generously supported me. Mille Gratzie.

Check back soon. And follow me on Twitter - we're sending great LIVE updates and pics of our rides and the race.

Ciao amici!


Melissa Marotta said...

Hi Jennifer,
Just wanted to let you know that this post directly inspired me to register for my first Century (NOTHING in comparison to what you just did - but a big deal for me. 100 miles indoors is a no-brainer by now -- but that is NOT my world, outside). And it wasn't "oh, let me think about this when I have time to think about this." 5 minutes from point of idea conception: research various opportunities within a 4 hour radius, find one that would set myself up for success, register, done. register, go. No joke: 5 minutes after reading your post's SUPER-important message. Thank you for this new opportunity ;-)

Jennifer Sage said...

Dear Melissa,
wow, thanks for letting me know! It's nice to know that I have had an impact on someone! A century is a big deal; I'm very proud of you. Make sure to let me know when and where - perhaps I can give you some training tips. You certainly won't have to worry about having an ordeal like mine (like we discussed) because they feed you really well on a century. But still, there's nutritional aspects to consider.
Ride hard!