Monday, April 13, 2009

Music list for a 3.5 hour Spin

My training program for the Giretto (which I will tell you more about soon...I promise - but go here for now to learn more) required a 60+ mile ride outdoors last weekend and 80+ this weekend. But darned if Mother Nature decided to rain and sleet and snow both weekends. And I do not do snow on a bike - I draw the line there! Call me a wimp, and I'll agree! I've only had one 45-mile day on my bike outdoors; that's not good...

Due to time constraints, it wasn't an option to drive 2 hours to Denver or Grand Junction to get my ride in the past two weekends, and besides, the weather there sucked too. (I may be doing the drive this coming weekend though).

As a result I've been spending a LOT of time indoors on my Spin bike in my basement, or at the club, staying an hour after or coming an hour prior to my 4 classes/week for extra saddle time. Yesterday, I went to my nearby club to Spin, inviting fellow instructor and someone I'm coaching and training, Samantha, to ride with me for 3 hours. But at the local family club, they were preparing for a Saturday morning Easter party, which included an Easter egg hunt in the entire upstairs of the club (including hiding eggs in the Spin room)! I couldn't very well ride with 50 kids running around with my electronic music blaring...

So we drove to the other club in Vail 20 miles east. After only 20 minutes of riding, a new instructor came to the Spin room with her boyfriend. She had just been hired and was going to teach her first class on Wednesday and wanted to practice. "GREAT!" we said, "that's one hour to keep us occupied, and you can practice on us!" 

Stephanie led us through her first Strength ride, which was really great (being a cyclist, she designed it around a challenging popular ride over 3 local passes). 

It also helped us pass the time. Doing anything indoors for 3+ hours is tough.

Samantha and I continued for another 2:05, for a total of 3 hours and 25 minutes! My HR stayed completely aerobic (as planned) with an average of 128 and a peak of 155 (my LT is 157).

I've been asked how do we stay motivated for 3+ hours of riding? What kind of music do we listen to? I had thrown together a playlist of songs from my Endurance and Tempo files on my iTunes. I wanted longer songs, because when a 13 minute song ends, you are extra excited that 13 minutes has gone by!

Here's my iTunes playlist of over 5 hours of music. Of course, we didn't listen to it all, and skipped some if we weren't in the mood for that one. But generally, this is an energetic playlist of motivating electronic tunes for Spinning. 

I discovered a few new favorites in the process: the long version of Jam and Spoon's Stella (I have many versions of this song) which is 13:34 minutes long by DJ Dave Ralph (Hey! That's my maiden name - maybe that's why I like it); Give Me Luv (That Kid Chris Tribute Mix) by Alcatraz (10:28); Manilla Sunrise by Luzon (9:56);  7th Son (Klangstrahler Projekt mix) by Sub 6 (8:27); Ruhe Humate Remix (Schiller) by Trance Allstars (9:57); Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Remix) by Sarah McLachlan (10:25), and so many more!

Warning: you've gotta like trance/electronic/club to like a lot of this music. If that's the case, you will DIG this playlist!

Our profile? Just ride the bike! And bear with 3.5 hours of Spinning - mostly in the saddle, some flat, some hills. 

Enjoy the music. I'd say about 50% came from eMusic. Some I've had on my iTunes forever and have no idea where I got them. Some were given to me. A few were ripped from cds.

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lamspin said...

I wish I could ride with you for that length of time to test my endurance!
Thank you for the list. Will download them soon.