Tuesday, April 14, 2009

40,000 views! Wow, I'm honored!

Wow, it blows me away that this blog has been viewed more than 40,000 times - it just broke that barrier sometime yesterday (and I didn't even start that counter until about the 3rd month, but back then I was lucky to get 50 views a week)! I know that 40K is not that big a number in the blogosphere but it's big to me, especially when I never thought this blog would turn into what it has.

The number of followers on the left have also increased a lot this past month - 110 as of today! Thank you to everyone who is "following" me!

I just want you to know I am so grateful for each and every one of you who visit my blog, download my profiles, leave a comments and share this with your friends. I think about it almost daily, what to post next, what fun thing I can share from my class that morning, etc. Lack of income and the need to put my resources (i.e. time) elsewhere for the moment are precluding me from posting as much as I want, but never fear - I'll be back!

And WSSC is only 6 weeks away, so I'll be posting a lot about my sessions and my experience there, and leading up to it.

You can also check out my other blog, where I am posting my weekly training for the Giretto that I'll be participating in in May.


Kala Marie said...

Congrats!!! I know I just hit 18 "followers" and it made me feel like a big cheese! Haha. You deserve every visit to your blog x thousands more.

You have taught me so much through the internet; I really can't thank you enough!


Shannon said...

Congratulations! Thank you for everything you offer to our community. Can't wait to see you in May.

lamspin said...

Your blog is "blossoming"! It is a a guiding light for many of us, and that light is glowing stronger and stronger.

Howard said...

Congratulations! Your blog and sessions at Canfit Pro last year have been my most valuable resources.
You deserve every accolade you receive.

Jennifer Sage said...

Thank you all. I can't wait for the future of this blog! I have so many ideas, yet at the moment, so little time trying to just get by.

By finding a way to monetize the blog, I can continue to provide lots of free advice and profiles while also making a little money.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jen-we have all learned a ton from your blog and posts on pedal-on
our students are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

We are very thankful for you. I have shared your sight with all of my cycling instructors at the West YMCA in Boise Idaho. The are using your profiles and members are loving it. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us we are very greatful. We don't get a lot of good spinning training or any training out in Idaho. We also work for a non profit so hard for instructors to justify an out of pocket expense to travel to them. We have a good cycling community here in Boise Idaho come visit us!!!Thanks again and again for your knowledge but most of all for your williness to share it. Crystal Duskey Group Exercise Coordinator West boise YMCA.

victoria said...

I sincerely think we all should be paying you...all your advice, teachings, tips, knowledge and even funny moments and thoughts are so valuable ...AND ALL FOR FREE! WOW! YOU ARE SOMENTHING! When I first visited your blog, I thought :" THIS CAN´T BE REAL!" or at least " ALL THiS FOR FREE????"
...SO JEN, thanks TO YOU!!!

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks Vic - and guess what? Your Kilamanjaro ride is at 477 downloads as of today - should soon hit 500! Pretty cool! :-)

I need some more guest instructor profiles - anyone interested? email me!