Friday, December 12, 2008

OK, I've done it again - I need your help!

I've gone and signed myself up for another event...

Two months ago it was the Tour de Cove and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  Awesome event, awesome cause.

I started back in 1987 with my first MS 150, raising $5,000 back then. I've done some sort of fundraising event almost every year, probably raising close to $50K in total.

This time I signed up to be on Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan, which I found out through the Fatcyclist blog. I met Fatty at the Interbike trade show and have been a fan of his blog for over a year. His wife's cancer has progressed to pretty darn serious right now, and his normally very funny posts have gotten more subdued (except today's was hilarious), but I can tell you, Elden Nelson, the Fatcyclist, has brought cyclists together from all over the world. He's united a community, raised awareness, and kept us laughing and loving cycling for a long time. People from all over have donated and contributed time and supplies to help him build a wheelchair ramp in his garage so his wife can get outside. They bring over dinners for his family (4 young kids)! Many people who he never met before.

All through a blog.  This world is fantastic, isn't it?

So when he announced that he was forming Team Fatty, I jumped right in.  Here is the goal of the team:
  • Be the largest Livestrong Team there has ever been
  • Raise more money to fight cancer than any team ever has.
  • Make a legacy for Susan that she will be able to be truly proud of.

My personal goal? Raise $4,000.

I'll be riding in the Austin, TX Livestrong Challenge. It's not for awhile, but I want to start now.

I know times are hard for everyone now. I figure if I can get 100 people to donate $10 each in the next few weeks, we'd make a huge dent. Depending on where you live, that's 2 to 2.5 grande chai lattés! $20 helps a little more, but know that every little eeensy bit you can donate counts!

If you've found some value with my profiles, cueing tips or other suggestions, just click this link so we can together help to cure this insidious disease. 

It's not just for Susan. It's for everyone I've/you've known with cancer (and there isn't a single one of us who hasn't been touched by it in some way).  There is a woman named Nancy, a Spinning instructor from Connecticut, who commented on a forum post I made about Fatty's wife, saying a "fellow cyclist needs your prayers." Her husband Bob has cancer, they're just finishing the chemo now. So this is another way to help someone in our Spinning community. I've added him to my list of people to pray for, and for whom I'm riding. Also, I just found out that a woman at my club who has come to my Spin classes, young, beautiful, healthy, vibrant....has bone marrow cancer. Her husband works with my husband.  A few months ago I ran into a man I've known for years, who has had 3 relapses in 12 years. He showed me his tubes for his chemo, taped to his waist underneath his shirt. He has 2 small kids. My husband built their home. This is such a small community where I live, we hear about so many people all the time who are afflicted.

This disease must be stopped. And I'm trying to help out in my small little way to do something about it. Please help me!  Better yet, maybe you'll want to sign up to be on Team Fatty! There are 4 Livestrong rides next year - Seattle, San Jose, Philadephia and Austin.

Here is my fundraising page. I thank everyone for any little bit.



"Julibird" Fitzgerald said...

I'm in! I am thankful for the heroic positive energy that both you and Fatty pump out to this world. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

Jennifer Sage said...

Thank you so much Juli! I really appreciate it. Fatty has been a great inspiration to me!