Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep it Real in Your Indoor Cycling Classes

Attention cyclists and indoor cycling instructors!

As a cyclist, have you been turned off by indoor cycling classes because they didn't have anything to do with real cycling? Are you bored to tears riding your trainer at home in the winter or when you're too busy to ride outside? Wouldn't you love to be able to take advantage of the motivation, camaraderie and energy of indoor classes to help you stay focused on your training, but you just can't face the aerobics-on-a-bike type of class?

Would you like to know how to maximize your performance and technique in indoor classes?

Then this eBook is for you!

Keep it Real in Your Indoor Cycling Classes is a must-read for both cyclists and indoor cycling instructors alike. Many well-meaning instructors would like to be able to cater to their cycling clientele but they may not know what the specific needs of a cyclist are.

Instructors! Everything you need to know about keeping your classes relevant to cycling is in this eBook!

In this eBook you will learn:
  1. the biomechanics of pedaling with a weighted flywheel and the huge implications it has on training techniques, cadence and pedal stroke
  2. which techniques are applicable to outdoor riding and which techniques cyclists should sit out
  3. how to select your gear or hill (resistance) and your cadence to best simulate what you do outside, adhering to the rules of "specificity of training"
  4. 13 popular movements that all cyclists (and non-cyclists alike) should avoid in IDC classes, and why
  5. how to increase your climbing skills and strength indoors
  6. how to improve your endurance and aerobic base
  7. how to periodize your program using indoor cycling classes
  8. a comparison of heart rate training zone methodologies and how to choose which one works best for your specific goals
  9. 13 drills for IDC classes to optimize your technique
  10. 9 high intensity interval profiles to maximize your performance
  11. and many more tips on how to make the most of indoor cycling classes!
No more drudgery of riding your trainer alone, no more inappropriate techniques that detract from your riding skills.

Still not sure? Here's a few comments I've gotten from readers of the ebook:

Jennifer has taken her years of experience as a Spinning Master Instructor and combined it with her years riding outside to produce a simple and concise book on how to take the road inside. She takes the training needs of the outdoor rider and translates them into the dynamics of an indoor cycling class. For those not familiar with some of the training tools and techniques used by cyclists, she provides very straightforward and understandable explanations. Simple enough for the beginner; enough information for the intermediate; but not boring for the advanced rider. Jennifer explains what to look for (and more importantly what to avoid) in a class to ensure a safe ride that can meet all training needs. Written to transition an outdoor rider to an indoor participant, this book is also a must-read for any instructor.
Stephen Grady, Vancouver, BC

Jennifer's ebook is a must-buy guide for roadies wanting to make effective use of Spinning classes in their off-season training. We've all attended those "stereotypical" classes (described in her book) where you perform odd maneuvers such as pedaling backwards in a "hover" position or performing "freezes" to get the burn. Keep it Real shows how indoor classes can be fun and effective preparation for outdoor riding. The book has even inspired me to become a certified Spinning instructor so I can take the class i want by leading one!

Thank you Thank you for your book on indoor cycling. As an avid cyclist and Spinning instructor I feel like I am on an island all alone in trying to get students to Spin properly. The problem is compounded by instructors teaching that the faster you go the better. I just downloaded the book and printed it. As it was printing, I got more excited as the pages rolled off my printer. I can't wait to read the book and apply the principles. And yes, I have been doing things wrong!
Alan, Santa Ynez, CA

This is a fantastic resource and I applaud and thank you! I will definitely recommend this to my instructors, and look forward to more goodies in 2009!

I love your ebook. I read it cover to cover. I hate as you do when instructors try and turn a cycling class into something else....isolations and upper body work on the handlebars.
Carol, Chicago

I am almost finished reading your ebook. It is great! I am learning so much, I can't wait to start applying it to my classes.
Charlotte, Pennsylvania

Here's to greater fitness and higher performance, both inside and outside!

Keep it Real has 169 pages with 18 color photos. Once you purchase this eBook you can download it immediately and begin improving your performance while having much more fun!

In Vélo Veritas!

(you'll find out what that means in the eBook!)


lamspin said...

Hi Jennifer,

Just got your eBook today, will read it over the holiday. I am sure it is a great resource for instructors. Many thanks.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year to you!


Shannon said...

Just wanted to say again, Congratulations!

lamspin said...

Reading up to Chapter 6 already, and this book, so far to me, is a great resource for instructors and it should be the manual for cycling certificattion. It has the most important info we need.


PS.There is a typing error on page 16 regarding the listed 5 movements in SPINNING prgram, the last two s/b seated CLIMB and standing CLIMB.

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks Shanon and Le!

and Le thanks for the typo. Someone sent me an email about it and it's been fixed on future versions. If you find anything else, let me know! I might ask you to write me a testimonial on the book - need to put some up on my website!

Sales are going pretty good. I have someone going to do some press releases for me around the country - should hit the masses by the beginning of the new year! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,

I am coach and owner of my own IC facility since more than 5 years now. I started this adventure after the evolution of IC towards more outdoor cycling-like education. I felt back then that it was the right way to approach that sport not only for experienced outdoor bikers but also for all the normal people, who are looking in making efficient exercise - ie doing the right things - while having fun.

Your book is putting on paper what I have built as my own philosophy of IC. I have "eaten" the first half in hours and have confirmed but also learned plenty of new things. Not only it reinforces my convictions but I now have the arguments to support and explain them! Thanks for that.

I would offer my help in doing a French translation but I am not sure I would be able to find the time for that! If you ever think of doing a French version, I can at least offer my help for some review work.

With my best regards.
John Chardonnens

Jennifer Sage said...

I love hearing how this reinforces what you already know and also very glad that you still learned arguments to support your belief.
Est ce que vous croyez qu'il y a un besoin pour ce livre en francais? Je parle francais, mais pas assez bien pour le traduire. Comment on dit "Keep it Real"?! Peut etre vous pouvez me contacter par email - Ou etes vous en Suisse?
Bonne année!

Anonymous said...

You know that I always make it a point to attend one or not all of your classes the conference. This is ebook is the bible of cycling in my opinion. I wish everyone at my club would read this book, it would make there class much more interesting and SAFE.
Thanks you, thanks you.
Lots of GREAT info.
Robert from DC

Jennifer Sage said...

Thanks Robert! Keep on spreading the love!

Chuck The Photographer said...

Just listened to your interview on the FredCast and immediately downloaded your ebook. I am a Certified Spinning Instructor and can already tell that I am going to get a lot of good info from your writing. Thanks!

Martini said...

Hi Jennifer, just downloaded your e-book. It seems very interesting and I am going to read it soon. I am IC instructor since 1999 and since 2001 I have my own IC studio in Czech Republic. There is a IC boom in Czech in these years. People need such an information to ... keep it real !! thank you in advance. One question at the end... Did you translated the book to the French with the guy from Switzerland ? Anyway, am sure that the book in czech language would have success... Can you think about it ?? Martin (twitter: martinikadlini, skype: ic.kotlina, mail:

zsuzsanna said...

Hi all just like to say a big HELLO to all. “Keep it Real” is an excellent idea, and i need to support. To become a good Indoor Cycle Instructor first, we all need to understand how real cycling works outdoor. Me, as an ultra cyclist only way to learn if i find the best.

Jenny ..thank you to taking care of IDC !