Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser Show

Dear Jillian,

My name is Jennifer Sage and I am a Master Instructor for the Spinning program, a certified personal trainer since 1992, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and I have a BS in Exercise Science. I am also a certified Ski Instructor, and I have 27 years in the fitness industry.

As an MI for Spinning since 1997 I have certified over a thousand instructors, taught many continuing education courses, wrote several of the continuing education programs for Spinning, and presented at many fitness conferences, including ECA Miami and New York, Can Fit Pro in Toronto, Crunch (Atlanta), New York Sports Club Summit, and WSSC (World Spinning and Sports Conference) Miami for the past 10 years.

Our biggest challenge as Master Instructors is to teach instructors PROPER training principles so they can then teach their students how to safely and effectively accomplish their goals. Notice the word "safely". There is so much crap that is taught out there in the fitness industry, and especially in indoor cycling. Unfortunately it has become rampant and widely accepted in many parts of the country as the way it should be done.

I actually wrote the workshop for Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning entitled Contraindications in the Spinning Program. I know you know what contraindications means - but just in case you don't, Jillian, in a nutshell, it means just don't do it! In the workshop, I analyzed many popular but unsafe moves in indoor cycling looking at biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, proper training principles, the roots of road cycling, and plain common sense reasons why they should not be a part of ANY indoor cycling program, much less the Spinning program.

What you did with your participants on the Biggest Loser last night was horrendous and very sad. It showed great disrespect for your participants, for the Spinning program, and for indoor cycling in general. You showed rampant disregard for safety, for biomechanics, for understanding of training principles, and for concern for your participants. It shows that you know nothing about riding a bike, either. I know you think you must keep up your "image" as being a hard a$$, kick butt, no-holds-barred personal trainer, but this time you went too far.

Many indoor cycling enthusiasts from around the country were watching that show. They will come away from it thinking that these are acceptable moves (“because Jillian did it”) and want their own instructors to do them. Many of those poor instructors (the ones who don't know they can stand up to their uneducated students and explain the real reasons why they don’t do stuff like that on a bike) will feel the need to offer their students what they're asking for, even though they can sense that it’s unsafe. As a result, there's going to be far more injuries and far fewer people reaching their performance goals.

Burning muscles, as I'm sure you know, is not always a good thing. It can be caused by mechanical inefficiency, and not just anaerobic work. Pain in the joints is a sign to the person that something is amiss, and is often caused by incorrect form. Good form is crucial for proper and safe indoor cycling - I'm sure your riders last night felt pain in their joints because form was never addressed. You should never, ever, EVER, take away the saddle in indoor cycling, it has high-risk and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It does not make you stronger, faster or a better cyclist, indoors or out. Do you think the best cyclists in the world would ever do something as silly as that? Yet look how incredibly fit they are! And for God’s sake, one should especially never do that with someone who is carrying that much extra weight! Jillian, there is no need to risk injury in the name of fitness. You should always respect the fact that this is a bicycle, and cannot pretend that it isn't. Being a fixed-geared bicycle has huge implications on the body when pedaling. You simply can't be doing squats, girations or other crazy aerobics-on-a-bike movements without placing the rider at great risk.

Spinning is a brand, and it is based on proper and safe training. You are using Spinner bikes on your show. You should respect the brand, and show what good Spinning is! Even if you didn’t have Spinning bikes, safety, smart training and common sense should still apply, because safety is important in all indoor cycling, not just Spinning.

I have a blog devoted to safe and effective Indoor Cycling, and if you go to and look under the label "Contraindications" you'll see several posts, including a huge list of what NOT to do on an indoor bicycle, and the biomechanical, anatomical, physiological and common sense reasons why not. I think you should read these. Many of them were on the show last night.

And get yourself certified. Please...

In fitness,

Jennifer Sage, BS, CSCS, CPT, MI
Vail, Colorado

UPDATE: Was I harsh on Jillian? I wrote a follow-up blog post here, where I offered to certify her for free in Spinning! And another blog post after getting some "Hate-mail" from Jillian fan who thinks I'm just jealous.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I'm no longer writing here at FHS, all of my education and training efforts for indoor cycling/Spinning instructors can now be found at


Robert said...

Ouch! I've not seen the episode but it must've been bad - I always thought the US version of the show was a bit over-the-top, especially compared to the boring, sensible UK version (eat better, exercise more, that's all). They'll probably justify it as artistic licence "because that's what the viewers want." Far be it for media to try and ask viewers to do the right thing!

Let us know if you get a response! Maybe you should put her through a "hard-ass workout"? A dozen VO2max intervals should do the trick...

sandy said...

Right on sister! While I didn't see last nights segment, I have seen episodes with Jillian that get me crazy, blabbering at the TV set, subjecting my husband to my rants. I have seen her do barbaric moves that would be difficult for a fit person no less one that is overweight and unconditioned. The show is very inspiring in concept but imagine the person who is in desparate need of help but already is intimidated to walk into a gym and or spin class or train with a professional and then views her training methods.

Anonymous said...

this letter is AWESOME- way to go!

Shannon said...

Didn't see the show either, but I can only imagine how bad it must have been.

Kudos to your letter Jenn...

Shannon said...

Didn't see the show either, but I can only imagine how bad it must have been.

Kudos to your letter Jenn...

Anonymous said...

Great letter! Maybe I will duplicate, and replace Jillian's name with several of the indoor cycling instructors around our city! I'm always amazed that this type of training is now the 'expected' and 'feared' structure of most indoor cycling programs!

Lizzy said...

Jennifer- I applaud your letter to Jillian Michaels. I believe you have stated exactly what every Spinning instructor who cares greatly about the program and their students is feeling.


RaffCycles said...

Well said Jennifer. I've had students come to my classes and ask, "Can we do what Jillian did last night?" Then I need to explain the proper form and why this is contraindicated in the Spinning program. Often times this is met with the attitude, "Well if you're so great, why aren't you on TV?"

In my orientations, I use Jillian as an example of contraindications. This is not the first episode where she has done something like this. I've witnessed her using her hands to help propel the rider through the pedal stroke, having her subjects lean on the handle bar, and other contraindicated movements we as Master Instructors are constantly correcting in our Orientations and Continuing Education classes.

Thanks for posting this letter on your blog. It is something that needed to be said.

Ralph Mlady
Master Instructor
Spinning Program

RaffCycles said...
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Heather said...

Good job Jennifer!
I don't watch that show, but I know a lot of people who come to my classes do- so thanks for the heads up. Why would a big show like that have someone working for them who would risk a person getting injured?

Trying to keep it as real and safe as possible here.

Anonymous said...

Last night during our ride, my participants commented on that show. I want to commend them and my fellow instructors on how well educated they are. My riders, as well as myself, were appalled at the techniques. We were actually laughing at the riduculousness of how they were "laying" on the handlebars! Good for you Jennifer! I read your blogs often and you are always so insightful and inspiring. Bob and Jillian would be lucky to have you for an MI!

joycen said...

You go girl! I am a certified spinning instructor and watched the show in horror with what she had them doing on the bike! My husband, who has never been on a spinning bike in his life thought I was nuts. I guess I wasn't. I hope she takes you recommendations.


The Man said...

Looks like she's doing her job, to me. As much as we'd like to believe the show is about fitness educations, the main purpose of the show is to gather viewers, and in turn, advertisers. If the trainers offered the same cookie cutter routines that viewers see in their own group ex classes the appeal to watch is gone. That show will attract a certain number of viewers because of Jillian for the same reason that Rush Limbaugh attracts listeners who don't necessarily subscribe to his views. Although she may be a trainer in real life, she's paid as an entertainer, not as a trainer.

I suggest that real spinning teachers use her example to promote themselves and their own classes, not to defend themselves against the comparison to an entertainment tv show.

amybatt said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Someone needs to point out also that these people don't need to work until they are purple-faced in order to see results. I saw this episode and it was just horrible for us as spinning instructors since now we have to de-bunk the myth Jillian has created. Hopefully, MDA and Spinning will set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you spoke up for
safety and pointed out how
insane that behavior was on
behalf of that particular episode. I support you 100%.
You go, girl. I also hope they
take you up on the offer...I missed
the show, so thank you for updating some of us over here.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, your "Open letter to Jillian Michaels" is ridiculous, and I truly can't fathom the excitement of others with it. First off, I believe you're old enough to realize what may happen to the footage in the process of editing, and what you see on TV is not exactly what happens. You seem to forget that it's not "real life" training, but a reality TV, and drama is what makes for a high-rated TV show. Producers' decision is something neither of the trainers have control over. Secondly, Jillian has never accepted anything less than 100% in training. That has been her philosophy throughout all the seasons, and I don't remember any serious injuries occurring. Besides, the contestants are constantly monitored by a professional medical team, and both trainers consult a Doctor about the physical activity and diet regimen they impose on participants. I highly doubt that you are more knowledgeable about "safety, biomechanics, and training principles" than the whole team on The Biggest Loser is, despite your "PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATE," which by the way Jillian got in 1993. In addition, she has other certificates as well, so, there's no need to tell her to get certified. Lastly, it's so unfair of you to say that Jillian shows no concern for her participants. She's one of the most affectionate people I've seen, and she cares for each and every one of her contestants. What she does is boosts their confidence, shows them their strength, and makes them believe in themselves. She might be loud at times, but she's got a huge heart. I've never been overweight, but this show, and Jillian in particular, has inspired me, as she did millions of others to lose weight, and get healthy, both physically and mentally. To me, your "Open letter" borders on your desperate desire for recognition of your personal attainments. Otherwise, why take up half of the letter just to list all your life-time achievements, which, by the way, nobody cares about? Why not just say you're an expert with an extended experience, period? But no, you have to go on and on to show everybody how brilliant you are, when, in fact, you just come across as ignorant and disrespectful toward your colleague, who, obviously managed to achieve much more in her career than you did. P.S. I don't expect to see my comment on the blog, as I really doubt that it's going to be "approved by the blog author." (Now I understand where all the cheerful comments of encouragement come from). Anyway, I just couldn't disregard the ignorance and disrespect you exhibited. If you all are so outraged and disappointed by the show, just stop watching it!! Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, you're just jealous of Jillian Michaels. Get over it! Duh

Jennifer Sage said...


You certainly are welcome to your opinion; evidently you don’t think I’m welcome to mine.

You obviously think very highly of Jillian, Scorpio. But if you reread my letter, I didn’t attack her personally, I questioned her actions in one so-called Spinning class. Regardless of what producers left on the cutting room floor, the fact still remains that she did what she did – and what she did was exceptionally unsafe and contraindicated. Not because I say so, but because it is! The things she had them do on those Spinner bikes are some of the BIGGEST faux pas in the industry; unsafe for a fit rider, much less an overweight unfit person.

You think I was a little abundant in my list of my qualifications. Well, Scorpio, I guess I could have simply said, as you suggested, “I’m an expert with extended experience” but any yahoo can say that. If I am going to question her teaching on that Spinner bike and her qualifications (or lack of them), then I have to validate the reasons why I am saying what I am saying. My experience and background gives my criticism validation. Since I do certify instructors in Spinning and have been a Master Instructor for 11 years and wrote the workshop on unsafe indoor cycling, I think I would recognize when someone obviously isn’t certified and obviously isn’t following safe Spinning (or ANY indoor cycling program) practices. Her “personal trainer certification” does NOT qualify her to teach a Spinning class. But Scorpio, she showed the world that she does not know how to teach a safe Spinning class, nor does she know how to ride a bike.

Also, you say that I showed ignorance in my letter. Hmmm, I don't follow. Ignorance would imply that I didn't know what I was talking about. Spinning is something I know more about than her. And that's not a gloat, it's a fact. There's surely things she knows a lot more about than me, such as the inner workings of a reality TV show.

Disrespect? Again, my comments were about her actions on the Spin bike in the Spinning class and not disrespectful of her personally. So I don't follow the disrespect thing either.

Jillian is a very motivating trainer on the show and has most definitely had a positive effect on some of her TV clients; I didn’t question that Scorpio. Kudos to her for achieving her goals. She’s obviously done something right, and I applaud her.

She’s also willing to play that Hollywood game, and to be the instigator of melodrama, which reality TV shows thrive on. That kind of melodrama disgusts me, personally. But it obviously incites and excites a lot of people, judging from the popularity of reality TV in general. Me, I don't even watch TV (I only saw this online, after receiving many emails from horrified instructors around the country).

Is she a knowledgeable trainer? Yeah, I'd say for the most part she is, but again, she does some things with these clients that most trainers I know wouldn't do (and we/they still achieve great success). I skimmed her latest book, and it’s pretty good. She does some good exercises, although her knowledge of functional training is wanting. I question the wisdom of a standing single leg cable extension; most trainers I know (especially ones who train the trainers at conferences) who focus on functional training would never have their clients, even elite athletes, go near that one for several reasons; it’s an “open chain” exercise that exerts a shearing action on the knee joint, and secondly, it has no functional application to anything you would do in real life.

You don’t know me, so how can you say that she has achieved more in her career than I did? How do you measure that? A TV show? Money? That’s not my yardstick. And being on TV is also not something I aspire to. I am very, very grateful for what I’ve achieved in my career and my life.


Jennifer Sage

Jennifer Sage said...


It's rather comical sometimes how people will classify an honest and constructive criticism as being "jealous".

Now why would i be jealous of Jillian? I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, a veritable playground, and don't have to mess with Hollywood types and traffic and kissing up to people.

I am very grateful for what I've done, what I do now, and where I get to do it, and I am especially grateful for what the universe is bringing me!

Jealousy is an ugly emotion, I prefer to be filled with gratitude.

I hate TV, and don't even watch it (we only get cable to watch the Tour de France every year!) - only using our TV for videos. So why would i be jealous of her, or of a TV show? My friends laugh at me because I'm pretty ignorant of popular culture, the kind of info one would know from watching TV. I don't know actors, or sit-coms or who's wearing what or dating who or divorcing who.

And how could I be jealous of Jillian, when I get to go ride my bike in France and Italy...and get paid for it?

And finally Scorpio, I mean Anonymous, what does being "jealous" have to do to wanting a Spin class to be taught safely and effectively?


Patrick said...

To Scorpio:

You should heed the old saying that when one points their finger, three point back at them. You have exhibited your ignorance.

As you say, what you see on television is not always what you get. This is a given. But unlike reality shows such as, "The Real World," where bits and pieces of conversation are pieced together to make a high-tension scene, no amount of camera clipping can aggrandize bad training.

You also mention that the actions on the show may be at the insistence of the producers looking to make good television. This to is a given. But a good trainer, who has such a big heart, and cares so much for her clientele would not abandon their safety in favor of stardom.

You're right. Jillian does accept nothing less than 100%. Often to the detriment to her clients. Ask any trainer. Any nutritionist. ANY of them, and they will all tell you that to expect the kind of weight loss the show purports is nothing short of lunacy. The secrets behind the show that the contestants never reveal is surely nothing short of abject abuse. So you've never seen the injuries. As you claim, not everything is shown on the show. Injuries don't make good television when concerned viewers would surely cry out in objection to the trainers and producers who force them to continue.

Professional medical staff is not synonymous with understanding of the body. I as a personal trainer am not qualified to administer a blood cholesterol screening just as my doctor is not qualified to administer a professional bike setup.

Jillian Michaels has held certifications since 1993, yes. And? She is certified through NESTA and AFAA, neither of which is considered to be a gold standard... or even close. She also supposedly has been "recognized by ACSM" for her work in nutrition and supplementation. This still does not qualify her to administer nutrition advice. Check the legislature. She is legally beyond her expertise in advising anything like she does.

Also, if these are the only two certifications she has invested in in 17 years, the woman is at BEST resting on her laurels. Jennifer Sage holds CSCS, which IS considered the cornerstone of the personal training industry. Michaels shows no evidence of professional development in the last SEVENTEEN YEARS! If you hold her in high esteem because she got certified in 1993, then you are idolizing some very outdated training philosophies, which she evidences in her uninformed, uninspired book, "Winning by Losing." I read it.

Being a caring trainer does not exclude her from the opportunity for negligence. I can care about a client enough to drive them to anorexia because I want to see them successful, but this is negligent. I can want my client to succeed at 300lb squats so badly that I allow them to do them even when their knees are buckling, but this is negligent. I can turn my clients resistance knobs on their Spinner® bike even when they are crying in pain because I want to see more weight loss, but this is negligent. I can care too.

And although you do endorse this notion of very abbreviated expression of credentials? What exactly are yours? BEYOND Jillian Michaels obsessive savant.

Think before you speak. You're swimming in deep water with some very big, very knowledgable sharks here. Do your research, since Jillian apparently thinks she doesn't have to.

The defense rests.

Patrick Sims
FiTour® Master Trainer
Creator- YogaMuscle™

Anonymous said...

I am a certified indoor cycling instructor (used to be Spinning tm. but I am another type now due to cost issues) and never have been a big fan of Jillian's training methods. Prior to the "take the seat off the bike episode" I always thought she just pushed people too hard. This made me dislike her training methods even more !!! I think the biggest loser is a big crop of bull too. I think the majority of the people put the weight back on due to the rate of speed they lose weight. I believe that really messes up ones metabolism. Even though I do not teach Spinning tm. I catch slack from some participants for not doing fancy stuff. However, I always explain to them that if you don't do it on a real bike , then it shouldn't be done on an indoor cycling bike !! I was certified in Spining tm. back in the late 90's and I am indeed greatful for my training with it's sound principles. Thank You for taking the time to let Jillian know of her unacceptable training method !!

Anonymous said...

Iv road biked for a while and when on a study abroad trip to the states recently i took the certification with schwinn. i also PT qualified and currently doing my degree in sports and exercise science. I saw the episode and needless to say i was horrified. And the scary thing is it is a widespread problem. horrendous technique, instructor ignorance. I really think the insructers who make use of bad technique and use 'gimmicks' are ones who lack any imagination as they usually utilize the same routine class after class. It sickens me to the core. I never came across bad methods at my home gym (in Ireland) but when on study abroad in upstate new york i was horrified by some of the terrible techniques been utilized. it really open your eyes and what Jillian did was atrocious.

Anonymous said...

I remember that episode! I am not a Spinning instructor (I did get certified in Power Pacing 12 years ago, though...just never taught!), but the stuff she seems to cook up while her victims are riding the bikes is atrocious! I remember one episode where they were doing overhead barbell presses while riding? Why? I don't get it! And with horrible form and in obviously fatigued states. I have tried to like the show b/c I feel it inspires people to get off their butts, but the stuff they do in the gym scares me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw! You have a good thing going and know your stuff! Keep it up!

PS - I love what you wrote in the post that links to your letter...regarding blog posts and controversy...since yesterday, when I initially posted about Jillian's horrible kettlebell antics, i've gotten a gazillion hits and found there are a ton of us out there who feel the same! :) So, maybe there IS hope that we can spread the TRUTH and eliminate this kinda junk!

vickifitness said...

Good job Jennifer,
My thoughts exactly, on both the US & Australian versions of the Biggest Loser.... not just about the Spinning, but many other exercises as well.
On the treadmill the contestants never use the safety key (except once in Oz during a Challenge). Plus, the speeds reached by contestants on the show are usually exaggerated. My clients have also noticed, and it frustrates them & me....why lie???
My training technique is very much based on "Flawless Form" (yes, as in the DVD)...and hence safety!
Thanks again for speaking out.
Health & happiness,
Vickifitness ;-)

Laura G said...

Jennifer your letter is Brilliant! I have despised this show since day one and would like to see it taken off. I feel it is very dangerous in the message it sends to the public with regard to so called..."Fitness/Health/Nutrition" Is this show about health, being socially acceptable or just making bucks by marginalizing a segment of the population based on appearance? I believe all the "True" Fitness professionals out there will concur with the latter. It is despicable what these contestants are forced to be put through in the name of "high Ratings"...what blows my mind is that people watch this crap. Has society become so desensitized that they DO NOT even recognize "torment" and I would go as far as to say "torture"? I think the FTC should get involved in shutting this down - for reasons of depicting phony weight loss claims like they have done with many bogus products on the market....It is physiologically impossible to lose the numbers represented as weight loss (in a week) the math...a 20 pound loss (of so called "fat weight" as they try to represent) in a week is 70,000 KCALS!!That's a deficit of 10,000 KCALS per day... does an Iron Man Athlete in training do that? Even so...these people are NOT Elite athletes.

Never mind the injuries that I am sure never get on camera!

So glad to read the outrage in the other comments - a YAY for you to respond so well to those (2) comments who would not give their name.....

Thanks so much - maybe we can all band together and get this show off the air for good..

Laura Gideon M.S.,CPT
Exercise Physiologist
Co-Owner Bamboo Balance LLC
Fitness Training Company

Jennifer Sage said...

By not speaking out we are condoning it. Robert Baldi on the Pedal-On forum says, "If we don't question her dubious methods, we are complicit in them."

Excellent point Laurie about the #kcals. It's preposterous. There must be some starvation and dehydration methods going on behind the scenes to reach that number of lost lbs.

Physwiz said...
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Physwiz said...
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Physwiz said...

I am impressed with the outpouring of PROFESSIONAL responses to what many Americans think are justified training principles. Miss Michaels went to California to become a fitness model and that is ALL she is. Today, society buys into 'I want to like her her' and that is all this show is about; no scientific principles, no evidence based exercise or nutritional advice and I must say, results that are quantifiably questionable... Thank you to all you health and fitness professionals who spoke your mind, keep doing it! I have been in the industry for over 20 years and education and continuing education is key (not laurels). Sorry Miss Michaels, you're fooling no one, but I guess you are laughing all the way to the bank (too bad you have not invested in your own professional interests; if your clients only knew (or cared)!

Always qualified (Ph.D. in exercise physiology, MPH in epidemiology, MS in exercise physiology, BS in physical education)!

Always certified (ACSM (multiple levels), NSCA, CSCS, CPR (Do you have that one Jillian?)

Dr. J

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! I have felt so alone when it came to questioning the practices and safety of what is done on "The Biggest Loser." I have certifications from three international programs and two national fitness programs and have been teaching since 1982. I actually started out liking the show and seeing lives changed but now would like the show taken off the air since it promotes unsafe, unrealistic and dangerous exercise situations. Gyms are now feeling the push to have programs just like "The Biggest Loser" as well as instructors who bark commands instead of guiding and encourageing.

Thank you for telling it like it is.

Melissa said...

I just came across this blog while trying to find out what credentials Jillian Michaels has a fitness trainer/nutritionist. I cannot find a single thing. All I find is that she did martial arts, lost weight, has blah blah company, dvd's, does Biggest Loser. My personal trainer at the gym I'm going to questions Jillian's certification and now I'm beginning to question it too. Anyone have any idea what sort of actual certification or education she has in the fitness/nutrition area?

Jennifer Sage said...

Hi Melissa,
I am putting my efforts at another blog, where I posted an article by IDEA who weighted in on the Biggest Loser. You can read that post here:
I believe they talk about her certifications in there. It's a long article in the IDEA journal, but they basically are saying the sam thing that I and many of the people here responding have said.

Also if you Google "Jillian Michaels kettlebell bad form" you'll find a whole host of blogs and videos about her terrible form in teaching kettlebell, so it's not just Spinning!

My only hope is that in this past year she has seen this or the other blogs or responses and has gotten some additional certification.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with "The Man". I'm amazed at how many fitness instructors comment on the show negatively. I personally think they are jealous of the notoriety Bob and Jillian receive (not to mention the endorsement deals). If you spent half the time promoting your business that you do railing against the Biggest Loser instructors, you'd probably some rich a$$ mofo's too.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon this when actually looking for information regarding the demise of Netscape. I'm an avid cyclist and after reading this I'm really happy until today that I've never known who Jillian Michaels is even happier that I don't watch that much television to know.

Jennifer Sage said...

The "you're just jealous" comments are kind of funny when you think about it. Have you ever noticed that they always come from someone who either isn't in the industry or if they are, who don't have updated or highly respected credentials that teach you a lot about biomechanics or proper training principles?

According to them if I spent that time promoting my business in the way that Jillian (or others like her) do, then I'd be a rich "mofo". Wow, do YOU really want to be a rich "mofo"? I want abundance, but not when it's gotten without integrity. I wouldn't be a very happy person getting rich from selling snake oil to people. So I guess we have completely different points of view about feeling good about ourselves and what we do for people. To me it's the latter that counts, not the $$$$$.

I am protecting my industry which is near and dear to me. Fitness has way to many "rich mofo's" who would say or do anything to sell their product. Will some people get more fit from it? Yes of course - but many people will get more fit from doing ANYTHING beyond the couch sitting they spend their lives doing. But there are safer, more effective ways, means with higher integrity, which will positively impact an even greater number of people.