Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beating Instructor Burnout Podcast and the Mental Toughness Teleseminar

I think we've all been there. The alarm goes off early in the morning, and instead of hopping out of bed and into your waiting bike shorts, with your profile printed out the night before and iPod sitting on top of your gym bag, you just want to throw the alarm across the room and pull the covers over your head. Or if you teach in the afternoon, instead of looking forward to your class, you drudgingly drag yourself to the gym and barely get there on time. "Ugh! I don't want to teach this class!"

This past spring I met an amazing woman at an entrepreneur business conference in Las Vegas who, as it turns out is an indoor cycling instructor. She is from Toronto and had received her PhD in Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity in Boulder, CO, so she lives fairly close to me. I mentioned that I would be presenting at Can Fit Pro in Toronto that summer and she said that she was presenting as well! Our common interests continued and we've become fast friends. In fact, I am excited to announce that she will be presenting numerous sessions at WSSC next June on topics such as motivation, mental toughness and the psychology of winning. 

As many of you know, I've been interviewed on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast, as well as have been invited by John Macgowan, the producer of the Podcast, to co-host some of his interviews. John asked me recently if I knew anyone who was into sports psychology who also taught IDC who would be good to interview on his podcast.

"Do I have the person for you!" I told him, and I connected him with Dr. Haley Perlus. He had a very successful interview with her recently and has just posted it online and I think you're going to want to listen to this one (if you've subscribed to the podcast, it should automatically be in your iTunes by now). If you are experiencing any burnout in your teaching, or are starting to doubt yourself as an instructor, then this podcast will be essential for you to help redefine your role and find your passion again. And even if you are enjoying your role as an instructor but occasionally feel drudgery or lack of enthusiasm, then you'll really want to listen to this podcast to make sure you take the steps to avoid burnout.

Dr. Perlus is offering a special teleseminar on Mental Toughness for indoor cycling instructors and group fitness instructors, and normally her sessions cost $97 per person. She's offering this FREE to the first 25 people who download this podcast, and only $9 for anyone else who signs up. You will have the opportunity to email her your questions in advance so she can be sure to cover them on the teleseminar.

Check out Dr. Perlus' website for more information on her services and her amazing resumé. You can sign up for the teleseminar on Sunday, November 23rd by clicking on this link. You should know that teleseminars like this have become extremely popular in many other industries in the past year or two but they are still fairly new in our fitness industry. I am probably on at least 1 or 2 teleseminars per week for entrepreneurs and internet marketing. Think of them as free or inexpensive continuing ed! Don't miss this one! Sign up online and she'll contact you via email with a reminder and the information on how to call in.

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