Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Music List Can Fit Pro

First things first! Gotta have the music!

Click here to download the music playlists from all 8 of my sessions at Can Fit Pro. This includes my 7 sessions, plus the 2-hour pre-conference One World ride I did for Josh Taylor.

If you downloaded my music lists from WSSC, you have most of it, but not all. Some of the playlists are the same (Alpe d'Huez, and Moving Mountains, except that the latter version is only 90-minutes instead of 2-hours) but the others may have 1-3 songs that are different than I used at WSSC Miami. Loop de Loop, which I did not do at WSSC this year, is somewhere on this blog, but you might as well get it again!

On this document, you'll also find the lyrics for Move Any Mountain by Shaman (which I used in Moving Mountains) and the Bicycle Zen Proverb that I read to the class at the One World 2-hour ride. Download this and read it to your students!

I also give suggestions on where to find many of the tracks that I use, knowing that some are hard to find. Most can be found on eMusic (click that icon to the left of this blog post to get your 25 free downloads), some on iTunes, some on Beatport, and if it's really hard to find, you may just have to google it and/or buy the whole album (there's many other download sites, I can't list them all). You can find many of those on my Amazon store.

Enjoy. Coming soon, the profiles...


Kyra said...

Yipee!!!!!!!!!!! I love your music...I have most of WSSC but I am going to track down this new stuff.

Last train to Lhasa is where's it at.

KristinK said...

Bummer! The download has expired. Any chance you could repost for us newbies...but passionate learners?