Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from Can Fit Pro - will report back soon...

Just got in today, Monday, from Can Fit Pro in Toronto. Awesome, awesome, awesome experience! But I'm even more fatigued that even after a WSSC.

On Sunday, I was put on alert that they may want to send me early, because Josh Taylor had an injury and couldn't make it. They found someone to cover his regular sessions (Michael Ferrante, who did an AWESOME job!), but he couldn't do the Wednesday night pre-conference 2-hr One World ride. I got the go-ahead Monday morning to change the flight (can you imagine the expense??) and flew in on Tuesday because no flight would get me there early enough on Wednesday to get the music, listen to it, and put together a ride for Wednesday night. Josh overnighted his music to the hotel - no time to send it to me in Colorado. This was something I insisted on - I cannot do a 2-hour, very special ride without getting a good feel for the music. It's too important a component to just wing it to music you don't know. I could have created my own, but that would have taken me hours and hours, which I didn't have, and Josh had built the class around this music, already pre-mixed - and he's a master mixer.

Sooooo, Wednesday night went GREAT! At least that's my impression from the immediate feedback and the energy I received, but I guess I'll find out when they send me the evaluations! 

Then I team-taught the Thursday 9-hour orientation with 2 one-hour rides (I got to sit out the second ride while Renee taught it). Friday, Saturday and sunday I had 7 sessions. All told I rode 11 hours, sometimes with very little rest in between. A little more than an average conference. There were 6 of us there from Mad Dogg/Spin Fitness - 4 from Spinning and 2 from Spin-Pilates. A VERY fun group, I might add! We even lit up the dance floor at the Presenter party thrown by Can Fit on Saturday.

By my last session on Sunday, my body was saying very loudly to me, "You want me to do what??? You gotta be crazy!" 

I've got some catching up to do after being gone a week, and will post soon some of my session information (much of it was already posted after WSSC), as well as some new profiles, music lists and discussions I have in mind. 

Thanks for reading, share this blog with your instructor peers, and keep coming back!

If you have any topics you'd like me to discuss in the future, please share them with me.

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