Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome to my new Blog!

Welcome indoor cycling instructors to my new blog! My goal is to continually add new profiles, cueing and coaching tips, general teaching advice, physiology and proper training principles here. Today, April 4th, is the first day, and I already have sooooo much I want to post. I welcome you to sign up for the feed so you can stay up to date. I also welcome any and all comments, suggestions, ideas, and questions. If you want to see a particular profile, let me know. If you've ridden with me before at an orientation, workshop or conference, drop in to say Hi!

I also have two other blogs (oh God, how am I ever going to keep up on them all??) that I welcome you to visit and comment on. Comments are one of the ways to keep your blog and website high on search engines, so comment away! Check out cyclingeurope and reachyourpeak. And share this with all your instructor friends, students and cyclists you know. The more the better!

As I continue adding, I will be welcoming visiting guest posters who have great profiles to add. Let me know if you would like to submit a profile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer!

This is just awesome!! I am
definitely going to return OFTEN
to your new Blog!!!!!

You go, girl. :)

Let me know if I can contribute!
- You Rock,
- d

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I took your workshops at TSI in Brooklyn for the first time. I got so much out of them. You are truly one of the best MI's out there. Your passion for cycling shows in your workshops. This is a great Blog, and I will be visiting often. Thanks for the profiles and music ideas and sharing your life. I think I'm a little jealous!

Jennifer Sage said...

Hi Sandy,
thanks for the kind words. I am hoping to come out to do another conference in NY next year (crossing my fingers for ECA) - not sure if that will happen yet. If so, I hope to meet you there! Any chance you're coming to WSSC? I'll be at CanFitPro in Toronto in August, too.

Glad you enjoy the blog - share it with all your instructor peers!

ride on,


Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer! Your blog is great! I'm book marking it, and passing it on to my fellow instructors too. I miss talking to you, but we'll catch up in a few days over a glass of vino, oui? Kelly S