Friday, April 4, 2008

Lactate: Not Guilty As Charged

Here is another excellent article on lactate by Dr. Len Kravitz. My goal is to help clear up some of the misconceptions many instructors have about lactate and lactic acid.

During intense exercise the development of the “burn” in muscle, referred to as acidosis, has been traditionally explained as an increase in the body’s production of lactic acid. This “lactic acid” cause of acidosis, referred to as “lactic acidosis” is taught in many physiology, biochemistry and exercise physiology courses throughout the world. The cause of the acidosis during intense exercise has been a weighty topic of discussion and debate with fitness professionals and personal trainers for years. Many fitness specialists believe that lactic acid or lactate (See Acidosis Question Box #1 for explanation of difference) production is the cause of muscle fatigue during vigorous exercise. Most recently, Robergs and colleagues (2004) have completed an extensive review of the biochemistry of exercise-induced metabolic acidosis. This expansive reexamination details a much more inclusive and enlightening understanding of lactate production and acidosis. From this recent publication, brief highlights of the history of lactic acid understanding will be presented as well as a more contemporary scientific understanding of acidosis. Some meaningful practical training applications for the applied fitness professional will be offered.

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