Saturday, January 31, 2009

"LSD CLUB" documents for Base Building Program

It occurred to me that I'm giving these tips and documents on Base Building a little late to start your own program (unless you start right away). But take this idea and apply it to other member retention and motivation programs you create at your club, or save them for next year. Of course, if you stick with me (because I plan to be posting for a long time) you'll get a lot more information on Base Building next year - and I promise to be more expedient about getting it to you on time!

I explained in the last two posts about our "LSD Club" at the Aria Spa and Club, our base building program that I began 8 years ago and that is still going strong to this day.

Here are some documents for you so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about. Feel free to use these at will. That's why I left them as Word and Excel files instead of pdf so you can cut, copy, delete, etc.

The Rules of the Build Your Base Program (last year we changed the name to Build Your Base from LSD). This explains to members the rules - we hand it out in all classes in the 2 weeks leading up to it, and have it available for any newcomers during the program.

2009 Mileage Log: This is the sheet we put in the binder where everyone keeps track of their miles. After one sheet is filled up, they simply start another.

Instructor Memo: this is the letter I sent to all the instructors so they know the protocol and rules.

Still to come: the extensive handout I give to the members to explain. It has evolved over the years. I used to have a 4-page "newsletter" style handout with self-assessments, but it's in Publisher which I can't open on my Mac. Then I created an FAQ handout to explain to members the what and the why about Base Building.

Now I have a document I've created called "AEO" - Aerobic Engine Optimization, a play on the term SEO, or search engine optimization - anyone with a website will know what I'm talking about! ;-)

That's coming soon for you guys!

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