Friday, May 16, 2008

Funhog's Favorite Climbing Songs #2

Here is the second group of climbing songs:

Most of these are motivating powerful and inspirational songs that have a crescendo and/or give you chills.  Some lend themselves to hard powerful climbs due to their consistent beat that makes you want to get out of the saddle for parts (if not all) of the song.  
** indicates my favorites.  
****my all-time favorite powerful inspirational song - this is a good example of a "chill" song!

  • Peter Tha Zouk, Enchantments, One Year of Iberican Sound****(Pay attention to the lyrics! There aren't many, but they are powerful!)
  • Con Te Partiro, Andrea Bocceli** (How can you not love this song?? I prefer the Italian version, but you can find it in English or a combination of both languages)
  • Bolero, Moulin Rouge closing credits, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack #2** (this is a very FUN song to finish off a hard climb!!)
  • Psique, Claude Challe, Buddha Bar 2** (Very empowering)
  • 20Hz, Capricorn [this one is hard to find]**
  • Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi "O Fortuna", Carl Orff, Carmina Burana** [an AMAZING classical song]
  • Matrix Reloaded Theme, Enigma, Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack
  • Molossus, Hans Zimmer (Soundtrack Batman Begins)
  • Salva Mea, Faithless, Reverence ** (Very long, with changing tempos, for slower and then faster powerful climbs)
  • Insomnia (Help Me), Faithless, Reverence** (puts you in a NYC clubbing mood)
  • Exhale, System F, Pure Progressive** (slow start, then whammo!)
  • The Mission, Enya-Ennio Morricone, Soundtrack to The Mission** (wish it were longer...)
  • The Strong Rhythm (DJ Chus Distraction Remix), Manaca** (has a STRONG rhythm!)
  • Preliator, Globus, Epicus
  • Prelude, Globus, Epicus (everything on this cd is pretty "momentous")
  • Fingers Burn, Pitch Black, Rhythm Syndicate Rec
  • Clash, Junkie XL, Booming Back at You
  • I Run for Life, Melissa Etheridge, Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled (this song is here for it's tear jerking potential)
  • What's Up, Four Non Blondes (should be in every instructors tool box!)
  • Love Me or Hate Me Calabria, Lady Soveriegn vs Enur, Mastermix Issue 250B (OK, this is way off my normal genre of music. Hip/Hop. But a great beat. However, there's an implied "bad" word in it)

And finally, these are songs I enjoy climbing to when I'm looking for a faster rhythm. Most of these usually require a faster cadence of 75-80 rpm.  Also great for flat roads.
  • All Good (Noiseshaper Dance Club Mix), Zeroleen, All Good Remixes ** (Very fun song that makes you smile, no matter what happened to you today!)
  • Incantation, Delerium, Semantic Spaces
  • Silence (Sanctuary Mix), Delerium**
  • CafĂ© Europe, Deep Forest, Boheme,**
  • Strict Machine (We Are Glitter Mix), Goldfrapp, Global Underground Fundacion NYC
  • There is Hope (D:Fuse remix), Nathan Proffit, World Party Soundtrack
  • Les Djinns (TrenteMoller Mix), Djuma Soundsystem, Les Djinns Remixes
  • The First Tribal Feeling, Peter Tha Zouk & Bruno Marci
  • Recurring Dreams (Chakra Remix), Lustral, Deeper Darker Secrets
  • The Look (Kingkade Remix), Ictus, The Look
  • Many Years From Now (D-Nox & Beckers Remix), Lustral, Deeper Darker Secrets**
  • X-Cream (original), Mercurio, X-Cream
  • Blast, The Crystal Method, Hardhop & Trypno
  • Bjork with Tricky - Enjoy (Beats Mix by Talvin Singh), Bjork
  • Hyla Hypno, Djibooti
  • Right Here, Right Now (Freemasons Remix), Fatboy Slim, Shakedown
  • Momentos Oscuras (Iberican Dark Mix), Indart, Chus & Ceballos, Iberican Vibes EP
  • Angels (12" Cut), Junkie XL, Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin
  • Casio, Junkie XL, Radio XL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin
  • Truly (Infusion Remix), Delerium, Truly
  • Innocente (Deep Dish Gladiator Mix), Delerium feat. Leigh Nash, Poem** (looong song)
  • Obsidian (Fluke Mix), Banco de Gaia, Obsidian Remixes
  • Sanctuary (Inertia Blue Remix), Origene, Sanctuary
  • Be Free, Basement Jaxx, Atlantic Jaxx
  • Gravaster, Hybrid, Morning Sci-Fi
  • Energia Magica, S.U.N. Project, Global Psychadelic Trance Vol 4
  • Give Me Luv (That Kid Chris Tribute Mix), Alcatraz (hard to find. cool mix. A little repetitive, but let's you get lost in the climb)
  • Dubiliscious Demo Groove (The Crystal Method Mix), Boy George, Do Not Adjust Your Set (yes, you read right! Boy George is back! And better than ever!)
  • Played-a-Live (Original Club Mix), Safri Duo, Played-a-Live EP
  • Able to Love (Sfaction Mix), Benny Benassi & The Biz, No Matter What You Do/Able to Love
  • Ride, BT, Movement in Still Life
  • Ride (Tiesto Extended Remix), Cary Brothers, Ride Maxi Single (a different song than the BT song "Ride")
  • Touch Me, Armin Van Buren, 10 Years CD
  • Saturday Night, Armin Van Buren, 10 Years CD
  • The Theme, Sublime
  • Bangra 4 Ever, DJ Siddarth, Buddha Groove 
  • Sail Away, (Dance Remix), Enya
  • Drumming Circle, Professor Trance & The Energizers, Shaman's Breath
  • Dark & Long, Underworld, Dubnobasswithmyheadman 
  • Pressure, Lemon 8, InnerSanctuary Sessions
  • Strange Shades of Light, Midnight Society feat Alan T, Original Strange Shades Mix
  • Cuore Senza Sangue (Odji de C. Instrumental), Opera Trance/Zefferelli, Spente le Stelle
  • Stella (Nalin & Kane Mix), Jam & Spoon - mixed by Dave Ralph, Tranceport II (Disc 1) Departures*
  • Talk (Junkie XL Remix), Coldplay (a very long version of this song - 10:15)
  • Ain't Goin' to Goa, A3, Exile on Coldharbour Lane (fun, nonsense song with some very funny lyrics)

Phew! I could go on.... I just love to climb!

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Susan said...

Some old favorites and some new ones to check out. Thanks for taking the time & making the effort to compile such a fun list!

Anonymous said...

Mhhhmmm a lot of good climbing music. There are a lot of songs i have, too, but where`s Paul van Dyk? I think you will like some good songs from PvD!Or i read to fast :-))
AndreasH Germany

Teresa said...

Jen - I love to climb too! All of my students know it's my favorite thing to do in Spinning. Thanks for the tunes! Can't wait to start downloading - although my wallet won't appreciate it.

Jennifer Sage said...

Andreas, perhaps you can recommend a Paul VD song I might like that's good for climbing. I have the cds Out There and Back and Seven Ways, but I find most of his tracks to be very typical trance that never changes. If I use a trance song (and there are several in my list) there is usually something different in it than standard trance (like the Armin Van Buren ones in the list. Though I have deleted many other AVB from my iTunes for being too much of the same sound). Let me know your thoughts!
And thanks everyone for your comments!
Climb on,

Anonymous said...

we want more! :D